Kanan is Moving….and it is no longer just horizontally


Still a couple of weeks to go before Kanan is 8 months old, but he is not letting his young age bring him down, unless it is falling down. The day after Kanan’s 7 month birthday, Kanan decided he was not satisfied with the simple crawling he had mastered over the previous 2 weeks. No, this boy was ready to walk and so he attempted the first step in that direction—pulling himself up! Ever since he did it the first time on my knee the little boy has been on a mission. Anything and everything is now an opportunity for him to pull himself up. Pampers boxes, ottomons, coffee tables, rocking chair, Mom’s knees, Dad’s guitar—-you name it, Kanan will figure out how to pull himself up with it. One problem though has come as a consequence to his new found freedom. Falling. The little boy is a crawling, pulling up catastrophe waiting to happen. I try to prevent him from falling as much as I can, but he seems to slip in a few falls each day no matter how hard I try. Luckily, a simple hug and a kiss normally helps him forget and he is back at it in a few short moments. Check him out in action here on Youtube. And stay tuned for Kanan’s 8 month update in a couple of weeks.

And for those who are curious—1) This was either before or after his nap, so the binky is there because he enjoys sucking during those times. 2) Shortly after making this video, Kanan discovered the monitor plugged into the wall and started playing with it. I have since moved the monitor to a more discrete area and plugged up the outlets with those childproof plugs.


3 thoughts on “Kanan is Moving….and it is no longer just horizontally

  1. Great Video! Thank you!

    Have you developed eyes in the back of your head to keep track of him yet Theresa? All the cords plugged into the wall are not long for this world I suspect.

    Makes me see how easy we had it since our daughter Patty never did crawl. And she didn’t walk until she was 14 months of so. Of course she was spoiled because she talked very early and just had to ask for things! 🙂

    Keep the videos coming.

    We hope the dogs are recovering…Will we get an update sometime?


  2. Ya, you might want to get one of those little boxing helmets for him to wear for a while. Just goes to show that, “You can’t keep a good man down”.


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