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My Husband and I Started a Marriage Ministry at
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It started after I launched a campaign to bring awareness to a future app I had created the content for, but had yet paid to get actually programmed. We have since put this app campaign on the back burner and are instead working on just growing our following as Thriving Sexy Marriage. At the right time in the future, we will launch the campaign. Until then, we will be implementing some challenges and also broadcasting our podcast. We have filmed 13 podcasts live on Facebook which we will soon post on YouTube and iTunes next year as we seek the Lord and follow his promptings for where to take the ministry next. We do have some marriage groups on FB that we will continue to facilitate throughout the process.

As for this future app– if you are interested, here is the heart behind it and some mock up images that we will revise later once we actually get it launched. 

It is called 365 Days of Love in Action is a Smartphone App designed to strengthen marriages through daily challenges and romantic tasks.

Couples can fall in love again as they engage together or independently in 1 week, 30-day, 6-month, or 1-year-challenges that may have you cleaning your wife’s car or golfing with your husband .

To begin the programming phase, we are seeking funds from donors dedicated to the biblical principals of marriage and the vital role of family and who want to see marriages strengthened.

You can learn how to support the app here.

Why Will This App Be So Impactful?

No one ever says, “I can’t wait until I get divorced.” But often times couples enter into marriage without really understanding the commitment and work involved in keeping it alive. They forget that love is also a verb. Whether or not we feel love for our spouses, doesn’t lessen our need to actively show that love in our actions for our marriages to stay healthy. Every marriage has its highs and lows but we can all admit that the lows can be tough and also require work to improve.

Sadly we live in a culture where many couples are quick to divorce when times get tough and the outside pressure to put effort into rekindling the romance in a marriage is practically non-existent.

Hemsath,-Theresa-(365-of-Love-in-Action)A2 croppedHow Can The 365 Days of Love in Action App Help Strengthen  or Save our Marriages?

Imagine waking up everyday to a simple task designed to make your husband or wife feel special. From golfing to kissing, each day will greet you with an exciting new way to keep the romance alive. Tasks pull from 6 large love-type categories that  might involve these correlating examples:

Physical Touch (Ooh La La)

  • Run a bath or shower for the two of you to take tonight together. Wash your spouse with some fragrant soap.  Use any essential oils or fragrant lotions you may have and candles to add to the ambiance.physical touch

Helpful Action (I’ve Got That)

  • Pick one of your wife’s usual chores she completes and do it for her today.

Thoughtful Gift (Gotcha Something)

  • While out today, pick up your honey’s favorite sweet treat and put it in the fridge for them to find. Or better yet, serve it to them later this evening with a kiss. 

Quality Time Together (Rendezvous) 

  • Make his favorite dinner tonight or take him out to his favorite restaurant just because you love him. Give him a little eye-candy while eating by dressing up for him too.

Affirmations or Praise (Love Words)

  • send a sexy text or write a love note today to your honey. 

Personal Thoughts and Attitude (Your Heart)

  • Pray for your husband today—for his career, his leadership, and his role as a husband and/or father in your home.

Hemsath,-Theresa-(365-of-Love-in-Action)-A3 croppedWhat are Ways Users Can Take Advantage of the Marriage App?

There are 365 actions to use in the 365 Days of Love App that pull from the above categories of love in action. Our vision is give users the ability to take advantage of numerous helpful features including:

  1. Pick various challenges– 1 week, 30 days, or even the 365 day challenge.
  2. Shuffle through the daily ideas if desired
  3.  Use only the love categories that would really speak to their spouse
  4. Use push feeds and reminder alarms if they are out of the habit.
  5. Or just click on the app when they want to just for an idea every once in a while.
  6. Even use the app with their spouse together, or use it on their own.
  7. There will even be an emergency challenge option if you are in a fight and need a sure fire idea to help make up.

Whatever way users prefer, this app could be a wonderful tool to keep husbands and wives feeling loved and happy. And while the app can be used by any couple regardless of faith, it is based on biblical principals for marriage. For users who take the app seriously, they could find themselves building a powerful testimony.

How Can We Get This Marriage App on the Market?

We are asking God-fearing, believing people who share that same passion and value for marriage as we do, to help support its creation. It could potentially save marriages, and open doors for non-believing couples to see what happens when we follow God’s desires for our marriages.

So we are asking for your help to get this application launched and strengthen marriages.

If this app is important to you as well I encourage you to help donate to its development. Complete design and programming costs between 10 to 15 K. We have invested a chunk of money already into it’s Alpha design and all of the content and legal paperwork. We need around 5k to get the framework completely designed and then around 8k to get it programmed and launched onto app purchasing sites. We want this available for both Android and Apple phones.

Hemsath,-Theresa-(365-of-Love-in-Action)Badge croppedWhat Incentives Will Donations Bring?

Donations of any amount are appreciated. But we would also like to show you our appreciation.

  • All donations will earn you a code to download the app for free once everything is programmed.
  • Donations of $50 or more  will earn a free download and thank you card signed by the 365 Days of Love team.
  • Donations of $150  or more will earn a thank you card, free download, and their name written in our hall of supporters’ page on this page as well as the app website once it is developed.
  • Donations of $300 or more will receive all of the above and an invitation to a dinner of celebration with the 365 Days of Love Team once we pass our next milestone.

If you see the value in 365 Days of Love for marriages, please consider donating.


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