Let the Chaos Begin

The school-year has begun again and this time, I took off with a bang. Kanan and I moved into my Dad’s house two weeks ago. It is a couple of cities away but the move will save me some money for 18 months and help me get really grounded on my feet. If the market continues the way it is going, I’ll probably buy a condo at the end of my allocated time I’ve planned to get set. So yes, while I have seemingly taken a step back in my life, this is a necessary step that will help me get further ahead than I would have had I not taken it. And there is no better time than now to do this. In many ways, it has sweetened the sour taste of being a single mom because it has given me a hopeful future. But moving is stressful and so I’ve been running around the last couple of weeks trying to fine tune the details—-getting rid of stuff I’ve horded, lending things to friends or family to save room in our little room we share in the guest bedroom of my Dad’s house, and buying other things to help me organize the small space.

Then my work situation has changed—I had to move classrooms. I had no idea, I have collected to so much stuff in my classroom after 5 years of teaching. It is crazy! But I’m settled in my new class and I love it. Its a great location and I have more space. This leaves room for me to focus on the classroom management needed for my classes this year. My schedule is nuts!! I went from having two preps last year (that’s teacher jargon for two different classes which require me to prepare two different lessons) to four preps this year! I have two sections of ninth grade English (one prep), a two-hour-block with my ESL kids (2 preps), and a sheltered English 9 class for my first and second year ESL kids (another prep). Needless to say, I will have to figure out ways to plan these lessons, run my academic league team, and my adjunct duties,  and take care of my son and squeeze in some social time, along with just-me time, and Jesus time! I just took up an offer with the women’s ministry in my church to write the script for a dramatic scene they need for the women’s retreat coming up in October. I am going and am so excited to get into my creative side. I was originally planning to take another Masters course this semester, but decided to hold off until  next semester once my machine is working by itself. Yes, my life is a machine.

But to help me get focused, I’ve come up with a schedule and I also bought a devotional bible so I can read a section of the bible each day and read the whole thing in one year! I just finished the new testament last week and loved every bit of it. I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but I learned so much and it wasn’t difficult at all. Especially with the New Living Translation, understanding it is so much easier. But I wanted to read the old testament while still staying connected to the forgiving side of the new testament. that’s where this devotional comes in. It is great. I get one or two chapters from an old testament book, one chapter of a new testament book, one Psalm, and one Proverb a day. And already I am seeing connections between the books. It truly shows how divine the Bible really is. I’m on my third day of the devotional so far and bought a journal to journal my thoughts and connections in. So far, it has been a great way to end my day and get me focused on what really matters. Life distracts us from the truth!

As for Kanan, he is adjusting well. It didn’t take him more than one day to adjust to the move and I don’t think he has even noticed that I’ve gone back to work. Thank God he is already used to going to daycare since he did that during the summer on his dad’s days when he had to work. I had him every day he was in my care because I was on vacation and wanted to use every second to spend time with him. Going back to work has been hard in that area. I’ve lost my leisurely Monday’s with him and Wednesday days! But excited news is that Kanan is teething right now. I think he has like six or seven teeth coming in at the same time! Crazy, eh? I can’t wait to give him salad and other yummy veggie options he hasn’t tried because his six teeth couldn’t help him. He is leaving me this weekend to go up to Mammoth with his dad and his grandparents. It will be good for him, but I am going to miss him so much. I plan to just keep myself so busy, I can’t dwell on the fact that I am not with him. Sometimes I think I need him more than he needs me, you know?

So…..we will see how this year pans out. Normally I’m a crazy mess by now, but God is seeing me through as he promised. I prayed for patience this year and peace. And in effect, I have noticed less anxiety and I having been taking the stresses in stride much more. I hope this sticks! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Let the Chaos Begin

  1. hey theresa — random, but i’ve been perusing your blog for a while now, i think i found a link on the baby center bulletin board WAAAAAY back when our little dudes were born! (jones was born march 20th) — they’re so close in age, i remember looking for other moms online.. anyway, i read every once in a while how mommy life is going, haven’t read for a while but noticed two things this time: Jesus, and becoming a single mommy. wow, these are big things! just wanted you to know that i enjoy reading your thoughts and think your little guy is so cute. i’ve been reading a devotional bible lately, too — the message — and its been amazing for the same reasons you listed: being able to see connections between all the books, how the whole Bible is one story with one purpose — so cool! anyway, this is getting long.. enough for one comment. 🙂


  2. Best of luck with the new school year! What a great idea to start saving for a place of your own! I’m sure you parents aren’t complaining at all! They must love the idea of having Kanan close by!


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