Smokey and Bandido Update

2005_0924theboys0001.jpgHow unthoughtful of me to post such a tragic story about the boys and then never write an update to let you know your thoughts and prayers were heard. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. The boys are alive and well! They were pretty grumpy and in pain for a while there, but starting this week they have really come around. Smokey is back to his playful self—jumping on us when he is excited and wanting attention. Bandido is still moody, but he is always like that. Yet he is actually cheering up a bit too and comes to us for cuddling when he is in the mood, of course. His wound on his behind abscessed unfortunately and got so bad, we had to schedule him for another surgery, but while we were at JC Pennies getting our family pictures taken, his abscess decided to burst! Disgusting, right? And to make the situation all the more crazy, in effect, the other customers thought he was a girl dog and asked if he was in heat, ha ha. I guess  getting neutered didn’t help him in that department. Regardless, we cancelled the surgery and the veterinarian said he was healing up nicely.


3 thoughts on “Smokey and Bandido Update

  1. Wow… glad they’re getting back to normal. Your mom had told me how out of it they were. I had been wondering how they’d been. Thanks for the update.


  2. Thank you for the update…I’m glad they are back to their old antics, like tearing a 4-pack of TP to smitherines! (Tee hee ;O)). It’s good that they are here to DO that! Those cute little faces warm my heart!!!!


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