Wild Animal Park Adventures

img_0181Kanan and I wanted to leave yesterday and get to the Wild Animal Park early, but every imaginable happened to get us a late start. First, just getting everything packed and ready to go for a couple of days (we had originally planned to head up to Palm Springs afterward to visit my cousin for a couple of days), then I realized I had yet finished my neighbor’s laundry which I offered to do to help her busy life out, then I had to deliver it, then we got half way there and realized I left the tickets at home. When we did finally get close, my GPS directed me to the wrong address and I had to drive around a while before I found it.

img_0174When we did arrive, it was already 11:30  and it was packed. I made the mistake of not bringing my stroller and there was a line down to the street just to get in. To top it all off, it was hot! Needless to say, our number one priority—the butterfly jungle was unattainable because the line just to see that exhibit was an hour and a half long. So Kanan and I did have a good time yesterday, but it wasn’t exactly what we had planned. We went to the petting zoo and Kanan loved the deer, gazelles, and antelope. We saw the meer cats and some exotic birds. And we had a nice lunch. But it was time to go home around 1 so I could get Kanan down for a nap. We decided we would come back the following day to make up for our lost time. And we did.

Today was awesome! We got to the park at 9am and got front row parking. The weather was cool. There were no lines. I brought a stroller, snacks, and coffee for me. Kanan was actually really easy. He stayed in his stroller most of the time. He loved the butterflies as did I. They were so many of them and they were so large and colorful. A couple of them even landed on Kanan’s cheek much to his disapproval but it was a sight.

wild-animal-park-april-2009-spring-break-014We were not only able to see more animals, but we just enjoyed leisurely strolling through park and listening to the animals and smelling the flowers—lots of Jasmine and Lavender! Kanan loved the monkeys. He said they were “singing” when they cried out their crazy noises. He picked out a green snake to have painted on his face and actually sat still enough to get it done. He kept showing off to all the kids he passed by.

wild-animal-park-april-2009-spring-break-029When we got home, he ran around happily and snuggled up to me for kisses and love. Yes, I loved today. I love my son. I love that I can spend days like this with him when I’m on vacation. And I must say, as much as I hope I find a teaching job for the following school year, if I don’t, I definitely won’t mind the extra time I will get to spend with my son—catching up on all the moments like this I have missed because I was working.


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