Lucidity as Clear as Glass

How do I get it? I’m telling you right now, I have it right now. I am experiencing the cleanest, most natural high of my life right now.

How to Feel Amazing

1. Take a two hour nap, on the couch with the blinds open so the sun shines through slightly onto you.

2. Wake up slowly

3. Drink a tall glass of “Greens First” by Doctors for Nutrition.

4. Wait about 5 minutes

5. Feel Amazing!

I’m telling you right now, the combination is key. I drink “Greens First” a few times a week, and most of the time, I don’t have time to take it after a 2 hour nap. I take it running out the door, I take it while cooking my dinner. I feel really good and energized when I do, and on that alone, I recommend the product, but it is still not to this capacity. Not with this clarity. And I take a two hour nap every Saturday afternoon. It is a ritual I have been practicing since I’ve had Kanan. And sometimes I wake up feeling good. Sometimes I wake up feeling groggy, but wake up after a while and do feel good. But not to this capacity. Not with this clarity. 🙂

Colors are more vibrant. I breathe in deeper and less shallow. My thoughts come quickly and clearly not fidgety like after a cup of coffee. I feel strong. I feel happy. I feel ready for the rest of the day! After today, I am thinking this might be a perfect replacement for a morning coffee.

I’ve had many green supplemental drinks and nothing beats this one. It tastes really good (sweet and minty)! It has less calories. It is packed with fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, live flora, and fiber. I don’t sell it, but I totally would if I had the time and the resources. 🙂 Google it; research it; buy it; see for yourself.


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