Baby Bird

april-2009-birdies-and-painting-003While Kanan and I enjoyed the warm evening at dusk playing in the sandbox, a baby bird fell out of its nest and landed in the grass next to us. Kanan pointed it out to me right away– “Whats that Mama? Whats that?” he cried. And I turned and saw it. It hopped precariously along the grass, crying out for its Mama. Even Kanan noticed and said, “Is crying Mama” so empathetically. We followed it along. Kanan asked if he could touch it “nice” and I explained to him that we couldn’t touch it or its parents would reject it. As dusk grew dimmer, we videotaped the parents watching over the bird and swooping down to try and rescue it. I had to erase most of that footage to make room for the footage I was hoping to catch of the actual rescue, but unfortunately, my batteries died before I could get there. Enjoy picture and the couple of videos. 🙂

Closeup of baby bird in action and Kanan’s curiosity.

Me trying to capture the bird’s parents rescue it…never got it. And the next day bird was still there! I hope it survives all alone. 😦


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