Making my Baby Happy

pb200091.jpgKanan had his 2 month vaccinations today. Not pretty. The pobresito hurt so bad, he did the silent scream. You know the kind when you are in such pain that no noise can even come out of your mouth even though your face is contorted into scream position? That was Kanan todayat the doctor’s office while the nurse stuck four-3-inch-long seperate needles into his thighs. But I was prepared today. I went out and bought a ring sling yesterday and Kanan was able to have the biggest case of Mamitas today while saving my arms from his constant weight. He cried when I first put him in it, but within a few seconds, he settled himself and hung out in it for a couple of hours today and was even able to crack a few smiles here and there. Aside from hanging around the house in the sling, we took a walk and smelled all the spring flowers in neighborhood front yards. Kanan’s favorite ones to smell were the Jasmine and his favorite ones to look at were the bright fusia flowers across the street.  We also bought some vegetables from the produce cart down the street. Then I left him with his Dad while I went out to get a video from Blockbuster and returned to see Kanan in the kitchen sitting in his bouncer with his shirt off while watching his father make tacos and dance to the music on the stereo. He even let me eat dinner while he watched from his bouncer and held his tshirt and sucked on his pink pacifier. Then I nursed him and put him to bed around 730. I was sooo impressed! I’m prepared to wake up  a bit more tonight if Kanan isn’t feeling well. But so far, without the Babywise routine, Kanan woke up only once last night at around 330am. 🙂

I had to check his temperature a few times today to monitor his fever though. But instead of using the temporal thermometer, I had to use the rectal. It was my first time taking his temperature this way. But with Mike holding the little guy’s feet and a little bit of KY on the wand, Kanan didn’t seem to mind.

The doctor did notice that one side of Kanan’s head is flatter than the other, so we will have to start having him sleep on one side instead of on his back since he tends to turn his head to the right when he sleeps. If we don’t, Kanan’s face could change shape and we would have to have him wear one of those helmets we see some kids crawling around in these days.

2-months-first-week-003.jpgOn the brighter side, Kanans new stats include.

  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Height: 24.5 inches

His head circumfrence is in the 75th percentile. And both his weight and height are in the 90-95th percentiles still. So looks like he is getting enough to eat from Mommy’s milk. He will be able to sport those chunky thighs at the beach this summer, while I hide the 8 pounds of pregnancy weight and my linea nigra I still have in a tankini. Until the heat rises though, we will both go fully clothed minus the socks. Kanan loves to feel the wet sand between his toes—just like his Mama.


2 thoughts on “Making my Baby Happy

  1. Hi Theresa, Mike, and Kanan —

    We so enjoy your blog! The ‘ring’ thing that Kanan is sitting in looks really functional — you’ve got both arms free and can get things done while he’s happy to be looking around and having his “Mamitas” (sp?) episode.

    That’s too bad about the needles — poor little one!

    Take care and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


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