Waiting for this baby while eating carne asada and gaining weight!

  • I’m 39 weeks preggers.
  • I’m still  high and tight. The doctor can’t even sweep my membranes to help me along.  
  • I gained 7 ridiculous pounds in just one week–although I did eat a huge plate of carne asada for lunch which has been sitting in my gut all day, but even if I ate like 3 lbs worth of food, that would still mean I gained 4 lbs which is what I should gain in a whole month! So, I’m obviously sitting around way too much while on leave. I’m going walking tomorrow and then again on Friday with a couple of girlfriends including one who is due next Tuesday.
  • I feel so huge, it is becoming increasingly difficult just to flip over in the middle of the night from one side to the next. Bending down to pick something off of the floor actually takes a strategic plan and still never completes without a gurgle from my squished stomach or a grunt from my smashed lungs.
  • Just getting out to my car and into the driver’s seat is getting me all huffed and puffed.
  • On the bright side, people are really nice to me! But, meh, it’s just not worth the wait….

Oh I want this baby out now!!! Please Jameson, come out now, please, please, please! If you came out on Monday, we would have had three beautiful months together before I would have to return to work. The longer you wait, the less we have together. Please baby boy, come out!


One thought on “Waiting for this baby while eating carne asada and gaining weight!

  1. Hang in there girl…you are almost there and then, as you already know, you’ll feel better right away. Saying a prayer that he’ll come really soon and you’ll have an easy go of it.
    Being a mommy is the best isn’t it? I’m all smiles!



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