Kanan Is 6 months!

5-and-a-half-months-to-6-months-017.jpgHe is 6 months old, weighs 18 lbs, hasn’t gone in to get his 6 months shots but will in a couple of weeks. He is sleeping through the night consistently now, just hit a growth spurt a few days ago and drank like 40 oz within a 24 hour period. Overnight he reached the milestone of being able to hold himself in crawling position and rock back and forth. I tried catching it on video here, but it only shows a quick glimse at how well he can rock. I suspect crawling will be here within the month!! I better start locking my cabinets and putting plugs in all the electrical outlets! Ah…just one more thing to add to my busy little life.  I’m absolutely exhausted and flying by the seat of my pants, but I am happy. So I suppose despite the chaos, life is good.  Click HERE for photos too!


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