Successful First Book Promotion for How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents

I had over 500 downloads this week during my free promotion of my book How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents.

I decided this week to put on a book promotion for my recent book. Kindle offers a couple of different types of promotions and I chose to go with the free book offer. I made the mistake of not making time to put a blog up here to promote it, but I did get an awesome and inspiring Mommy Blogger, Nikki Marie to read the book and she gave it a great review on her Mommy Blog called at

In the end, I just want the book out there. There’s no book out there like it for kids. And I know I’m a new author and can’t expect people to just up and buy my books without seeing if they are worth it. So I have to say, I was super excited to see that even without my blog promotion that the book did really well this week. I got over 500 downloads! Thank you to all those out there who downloaded the book. I pray that blesses you and your children. Please leave a review! 🙂

I will be considering all of my readers’ thoughts and perspectives as I do the final drafting of my next couple of books. This summer I will be working on getting two done– The Roman Road to Salvation–which will give children the gospel message in a way they can understand. And another book on the Fruits of the Spirit vs The Fruits of the Flesh (a modified, child-friendly explanation!) Both will be illustrated as well in a similar style as the one I illustrated, although I think I’m just going to pay for an illustrator because that was so tedious! I don’t mind the drawing part, but getting it all colored and dealing with all the layers and color selection using Adobe, was just really stressful.

If you have not yet had a chance to read  How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents, do so today. 🙂 This great resource will help your children learn how to love in applicable ways to their lives, Its available on Amazon on Kindle for $2.99 and for around $8-10 in paperback (They change the pricing week to week). Please leave a review too!


How to Love Like Jesus Children’s Book Now Available on Amazon Kindle!

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Having 4 children, the oldest being 7 and the younger three all under the age of 3, I am constantly working on teaching my children how to be more loving. Here is just a list off the top of my head of things I work on my children daily:




  1. saying please and thank you without being asked
  2. not having a selfish, me-first attitude
  3. not interrupting people when they are talking
  4. sharing joyfully
  5. not bragging
  6. not tattling
  7. helping each other without being told
  8. obedience to our rules and orders
  9. self control and not giving in to temper tantrums (our 2 middle boys).

Now there are books all over the place on each one of these issues, but none of those get to the heart of the matter.  In the end, all of these are the effects of not having a naturally loving heart. No, I don’t think its just my kids. No I don’t think this makes my kids and other kids any more “bad” then the next. I think it is natural to be selfish and unloving for the most part. I certainly think every kid has issues with it to some degree, (some more than others of course). But the truth is, truly having a loving heart is something that has to be nurtured and cultivated. And in my opinion, without the help of God’s spirit, it is impossible for mankind to be perfect at it. Even with the help of God, for many it takes a concious effort. I work on this with my children daily. And God is working on me in many of my adult versions of “temper tantrums” etc. And as I cultivate in my children a love and reverence for God as well, I can trust that God will work on them as well. And ideally, when they become adults, and no longer have my husband or myself to be consistently there to teach them, they will be just fine on their own with God as their teacher because their love for God will be authentic and real.

This is why I wrote the children’s book, How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents. It touches on the heart of what most of our children’s issues stem from (and lets face it, even ourselves for that matter). It goes through the famous letter to the Corinthians:

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not insist on its own way. It is not irritable, and does not count up wrongdoing. It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (English Standard Version, I Cor 13:4-7)

Through out the book, I give examples that are applicable to kids in how they can be loving or unloving in their actions. Most of the images are appropriate for children ages 2-8. Although the written content is appropriate for children of all ages. Here is a chart I offer as well to help kids check themselves if they are behaving with a loving heart or not. This is good for us parents too!


Loving Unloving
Patient Impatient
Kind Unkind Or Mean
Not Jealous/Happy for Others Jealous
Boastful of God and Encouraging to others Boastful Of Self
Polite And Respectful Rude
Lets Others Have Their Way Insists Its Own Way
Not Irritable Irritable
Forgives Keeps Record Of Wrongs
Rejoices In The Truth Rejoices in Wrongdoing
Bears, Believes, and Hopes all Things Does Not Bear, Believe, Hope
Endures all Things Gives up When It’s Hard


So I encourage you to go to Amazon and check out the book!

How To Love Like Jesus: A Guide For Children And Their Parents

There is no other book like it available on the market. It is a non-fiction, life-application book for kids on how to love like Jesus. Right now it is available for Kindle only at Amazon for a special introductory offer of $2.99.The print book will be available soon for readers. I know my kids enjoy paper books best. This Kindle version is great for Kindle readers or for those who would like to test the book out before buying it. Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry, you can download the free Kindle Reader app  for your smartphone, PC, or tablet. 🙂



Children’s Book on How to Love like Jesus is Coming Soon!

Are you looking for a book to help your children learn how to be more loving? Not sure if my book is something right for you or your kids? Here is an excerpt from my first edition below! How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents is a 32 page book that breaks down the famous verse “Love is patient, love is kind” etc for kid-friendly life-application. Each section is illustrated with examples and includes engaging questions to answer with a parent or alone depending on the child’s age. The book can be for parents to read with their kids or for kids to read on their own. It is written at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level but the content and application can be good for ages 3-12.

Some minor changes have been made since this draft that will make it even better. For example, I am swapping the pages so that the larger image comes first for context. Then there have been changes made with some of the wording in the text for easier readability.

The E-book will be out soon on Amazon for FREE! Would love people to download it and leave reviews. If you like it, the print version will also be available for purchase at a reasonable price. Hopefully in time for Christmas!!


Exciting Times!

25 weeks along here carrying #4

25 weeks along here carrying #4

Alas, I blog again, having wished I have been better at blogging since I used to be and loved it. Will this be it? Will I finally get back into it? I sure am hoping so. A lot is happening and I want to share so much.

1. I am pregnant with our 4th child. Its a girl. A vasectomy baby. God is good though—he will have his way and he knows how to give good gifts to his children. This will be our only daughter and a sweet little refreshment in our testosterone-filled house. We are naming her Scotland Amalia-Leme. I’m 26 weeks as of tomorrow. She is due November 1st.

2. We bought our first house!!!! Built in 1965. Great starter home. Lots of property. Lots of fun project opportunities. 🙂 The kids love it. 🙂 Thank you Lord!

3. I started a resume writing business last year right around Thanksgiving and it has taken off. It is helping provide us a little extra cash to help pay for Owen’s teeth (lost two of them in a crazy golfing accident), a bigger car for our growing family, and house needs.

4. I was recently hired by Sound of Your Voice Memoirs to be an interviewer and writer. I have my first client and am really loving the process. Sure hoping this job can grow and eventually open the doors to allow me to work from home full-time.

5. I have taken the plunge and am writing the first drafts of a few christian children’s books! 3 I am doing on my own. 2 I am co-writing with a friend of mine. And I’ve already come up with another book I want to write, but will put that one on the backburner for the next set of books. In the mean time, I’ve got the first drafts complete, and the illustrations starting. Once those are finished, I’ll venture into learning how to use InDesign and designing the layouts. Then market market market! Marketing is half the job. Writing is the easy part. So we have a long way to go. But I am very excited about this. I’ve been praying that God really use me in these books to speak to kids about real ways they can apply Jesus to their lives. I’ll share more in a different blog.

With all this, I’d like to write more about all the transitions and emotions and thoughts as I go a long this exciting journey. I will be changing the name of this blog and planning to write in it more and work at actually building a following. So for those of you who are reading this, please follow this blog. I’m pretty sure there is an icon at the top right area where you can sign up. I promise, I can be funny, insightful, and honest. And if you have a blog, please comment with a link so I can check yours out too. I love mommy blogs and of course, love blogs that inspire! 🙂

Going to be attempting to find a blog address similar to We shall see!