Waiting for this baby while eating carne asada and gaining weight!

  • I’m 39 weeks preggers.
  • I’m still  high and tight. The doctor can’t even sweep my membranes to help me along.  
  • I gained 7 ridiculous pounds in just one week–although I did eat a huge plate of carne asada for lunch which has been sitting in my gut all day, but even if I ate like 3 lbs worth of food, that would still mean I gained 4 lbs which is what I should gain in a whole month! So, I’m obviously sitting around way too much while on leave. I’m going walking tomorrow and then again on Friday with a couple of girlfriends including one who is due next Tuesday.
  • I feel so huge, it is becoming increasingly difficult just to flip over in the middle of the night from one side to the next. Bending down to pick something off of the floor actually takes a strategic plan and still never completes without a gurgle from my squished stomach or a grunt from my smashed lungs.
  • Just getting out to my car and into the driver’s seat is getting me all huffed and puffed.
  • On the bright side, people are really nice to me! But, meh, it’s just not worth the wait….

Oh I want this baby out now!!! Please Jameson, come out now, please, please, please! If you came out on Monday, we would have had three beautiful months together before I would have to return to work. The longer you wait, the less we have together. Please baby boy, come out!


37 Weeks!

Well, I’m officially “full term” and I definitely feel like it! I have to make 5-point-turns just to get out of bed, I’m up every hour either flipping over because my hip hurts, hands are numb, can’t breathe, have to use the restroom again, or am dying of thirst. I’m hitting my belly everywhere I go. I make a moaning sound when I have to get up. By the end of the day, if I’ve been sitting too much that day or standing too much, I’m aching. I have some nights where it feels like my body is so tired, it is actually paralyzed! I have to consciously tell my body, “pick up leg and move forward,” “bend down,” “sit up,” etc. Its hilarious. But it is my first week at home on my maternity leave. Given I caught a stomach bug of some sort, I Monday and Tuesday just really tired and wanting to nap a lot. Then I spent Tuesday night vomiting, and Wednesday all day, sleeping and trying to endure the remaining nausea. Oh and not eating because my stomach hurt too bad. But today is good. I have some heartburn I’m relieving with Apple Cider vinegar, I’ve finally finished writing all of my thank you notes for my baby shower, I’ve eaten, I’ve juiced, I’ve read, I’ve blogged, and now I’m heading off to get some errands done before heading off to fellowship group. Woot-woot! Finally! One productive day!

As for baby–he survived the 24-hour stomach virus and two days of fatigue prior to. Yesterday, he had a heart rate of 144. He was quite active Monday and Tuesday, doing some sort of aerobic activity in there that was quite extensive as he truly flipped from one side of my belly to the other. My sister witnessed this event from across her living room. Yes, it was a show! And boy did it hurt Mama!

As for me, I have gained a whopping 1 pound since last month, but baby is growing still so the doctor is not worried. That puts me at a total of 26 pounds I have gained thus far, which is far better than where I was at this point with Kanan. If I remember correctly, I couldn’t see my clavicle bones at this point and I had already almost fainted like three times (most likely from the body weight on my arteries or something…haha!).

It is Owen’s 31st birthday today, but he is unfortunately spending it all day at school working on final projects and exams. I won’t see him until tonight. But I have a gift bag for him and a card waiting for him. We did celebrate his birthday with friends last Saturday because I knew today would be difficult. And Kanan and I made him a cake on Monday night so we were able to do something small together then too. Yes, in our house, birthdays last a week, not a day. 🙂 So Jameson, if that doesn’t make you want to come out, I don’t know what will! Come on out buddy! You’ll have week-long birthdays every year for the rest of your life!

Oh yes, and the picture of my belly above I took yesterday when I was still suffering from the stomach virus. So excuse my face. Try to just focus on the lower half of the picture. Haha!

33 Week checkup

Just had my 33 week checkup yesterday (or 34 weeks if we prefer UCSD’s assessment) and things are looking great!

Firstly, I passed my glucose tolerance test! Boy was that whole process a pain. First, I went in for the standard one-hour test. Now when I did this test with Kanan, my doctor told me i didn’t have to fast, so I made my appointment for after work. Well, I had carrots for lunch without knowing that those are one of the highest vegetables on the glycemic index. So I didn’t pass it and therefore had to take the 3-hour test which includes fasting (I’ll go into the details soon). I did not want to make the same mistake again, so this time I took the test in the morning after I didn’t eat breakfast just to make sure. Well, the lab lost my blood. Yes,you don’t have to reread that last line, they LOST MY BLOOD. Now this wouldn’t be such a terrible thing except for that the test is not fun. You have to drink this  10 oz bottle of disgusting sweet syrup version of tang and then sit there for an hour feeling terrible before they take your blood. So needless to say, when they lost my blood and I learned I would have to do it again, I was not happy. But I did it. And again, I didn’t eat breakfast. But I did enjoy a cup of half-caf coffee with powdered creamer and no sugar. Not a good choice. I didn’t pass. Agh! I looked up coffee on the internet and its connection with glucose levels. Guess what, it raises insulin levels. So there you go. I messed up. Again. So off to the three-hour test I went. This one is much worse. You have to fast for 12 hours. So I didn’t eat anything from 8pm to 830 am when I went in to the lab. They stuck my arm immediately to get my “fasting glucose levels.” Then I had to drink the nasty drink. After one hour of sitting there, (actually standing for a while because no one in the waiting room offered the pregnant woman his or her seat, so I finally had to just clear one of the magazine tables and sat my rump there until one became available) they stuck my arm again for more blood to test. Then after one more hour, stuck my arm again. And then finally, one hour later, they stuck my arm for the last time. During this time, I felt sick. I had a difficult time concentrating so I couldn’t grade essays as I had attempted but instead could only maintain enough intelligence to mentally process the pictures in a February issue of People Magazine. I also felt this weird tingly sensation up and down my arms. But, on the positive note, I did use the negative experience to treat myself to an In-and-out cheeseburger and a vanilla shake on my way home. Felt much better after that!And the best news is, I passed. Yay!! I am thoroughly enjoying my cravings for baked goods like toast, creme of wheat cereal, cake, and cookies and did not want to swap that for chicken in the morning. 🙂

Condition of baby: heart rate in the 130’s still which is normal and good. His head is down–also good. He is moving all day long now as opposed to just the evenings. He gets an occasional bout of hiccups from time to time. He loves my belly being touched by dad or brother. And he gets extra active after Mom eats sweets. 🙂 He still likes to hang out on my right side, so my belly looks lopsided most of the time. And he doesn’t like it when I cough (leftover effect of the three-week bout of laryngitis I just got over)! He jumps sometimes when I do. It’s cute.

Condition of Mom:

On the downside—-I am starting to get uncomfortable pretty much all the time, but especially in the evenings. It seems that I’m having a harder and harder time feeling like I can breathe, the bigger this baby gets. So I sit in one position until it’s too uncomfortable and my breathing gets shallow. Then I move into another position. And the process continues. At night, I wake up constantly from being uncomfortable or needing to go to the bathroom. So now the fatigue is starting to come back during the day. I’ll definitely be ready for middle-of-the-night feedings though! Also–baby is putting weight on my bladder. So guess what happens when I cough? You got it. Even if I just went to the bathroom! Somehow there’s still just enough! Not enough to embarrass myself, but I know it happened and I don’t like it! So–I guess its time I start doing kegals. Boo! I always forget. And finally, my hips can sometimes really ache. I mean ache so bad that at night I have a hard time even walking–especially if I was on my feet a lot that day. I think I’m officially ready to just roll myself around my classroom on my desk chair instead of walking. Haha!

On the bright side–I’ve gained only 25 pounds so far, which is much, much better than where I was at with Kanan. At the rate I am going, I should gain 33 pounds by the time Jameson comes, which fits right in the 25-35 pound healthy zone for pregnant women. Yay!! Secondly, my skin looks fabulous. After Kanan was born, I have struggled with more acne. I was always blessed in this area, so constantly having 5-6 pimples on my face everyday drives me nuts! Well, now my skin is better than ever. Not one pimple! I love it! I can go makeup free and feel beautiful! And, my chapped-lips continue to stay gone. Oh, and this is strange, but I’ve noticed my hair on my legs is not growing as fast. I used to have to shave my legs everyday and now I can go like 3 days between shaves. And the hair that is there is super fine. What’s up with that? I mean I’m not complaining. Less work in the shower is definitely appreciated. It is just strange. Especially since the hair on my head is growing faster and none of the hair that is there falls out anymore, so its growing super thick. The same goes for my nails. They are stronger, with whiter tips, and long. Again, no complaints, just….strange.

Condition of Dad: He is working super hard in school, on his business, and building his business’s website. He is also still working in ministry–mentoring the youth of our church, working on his first sermon for the college group at our church on Luke 20, maintaining his studies in the internship program at our church, and attending a parenting class with me on Friday nights. He also of course balances this with his wonderful role as a husband and step-father to Kanan. He and Kanan are growing so close in their relationship–it is beautiful to watch. He of course is super excited about Jameson’s arrival–he’s cleaned out the garage and brought all of the baby stuff up to our apartment. And he is totally nesting! He completely reorganized the house during his spring break, bought curtains, hung them up, and rearranged furniture!

We Have a Name!!!

Drum roll please…..

Jameson Maddox Hemsath

JamesonHebrew. Variation of James, brother of Jesus Christ and a descendent of Jacob–the son of Abraham and father of the Hebrews. His name means “supplanter”—not the sweetest meaning in the world right? Yes, but when it is combined with his middle name— it spells the gospel. 🙂 Let me explain.

MaddoxWelsh. Means “Good” or “Generous”—-a bit ironic, when combined with the first, right?

How can you be good and a supplanter?

Well, we all fall short of the Glory of God because of our sin. But through our faith in Christ, we are made righteous in His eyes. Our son will be a sinner, like us all. Yet by the Grace of God, he will inherit the Kingdom of God, appearing to take it without merit or deserving it at all, just like Jacob took his brother’s birth right—But Jameson will inherit everlasting life not because he deserves it, but because he is made “good” or “righteous” by his faith in our Lord and Savior.

James of Nazareth had a hard time at first believing that his brother Jesus, was the promised Messiah, as did some of Jesus’s other family members (Jesus had a few siblings although it is uncertain how many he had). But when James saw his miracles, his sinless life, his brutal death prophesied in Psalms 22 and the book of Isaiah, and his resurrection from the dead and assension into heaven–promising to return again to rule and reign, James changed his mind. And when he heard the testimonies of hundreds of other witnesses who saw the same things he did—proving that what he witnessed was real, James became one of the most passionate apostles for God, wrote the book of James, and was stoned to death for his belief, never once taking it back, even in the face of death. Because how can you deny the truth you witnessed with your own eyes? It is one thing to die for something you think is real, but it is another to die for something you know is a lie. No–James knew God was real and that he sent his son Jesus to pay the price for our sins so that those who trusted and followed Him could be saved from the eternal separation from God they chose every time they sinned. And to know that kind of truth, who would dare tell a lie and say they didn’t really believe, so they wouldn’t have to die?

We are so humbled and amazed by the love of God. And we pray that our son Jameson Maddox loves Jesus and follows Him the way James did. Sold out. On fire. Never turning back, no matter what.

Pregnancy Don’ts

1. Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that because you are super sick past your first trimester, that you are having a girl. Or the fact that you are carrying out. Or the fact that you tried the 99 percent accurate chinese number chart. I’ve heard it all. And I know at least one person who still had a child opposite of the gender they were supposed to have. Including that fool-proof ultrasound diagnosis.

2. Don’t assume that because you wear a size 8 in prematernity clothes that you will fit in size 8 maternity clothes throughout your pregnancy. If you are like most women, it won’t be just your belly that grows. Just wait until month 8, you’ll understand then.

3. Don’t even bother buying your spouse a pregnancy or baby book. No, not even the ones called A Father’s Guide to….or A Dad’s… or anything supposedly catered to a man and involving pregnancy or fatherhood. Only women buy those books for their men and most of them just get their feelings hurt when their men don’t read them. Face it ladies, they are men not women and that is why we love them. Just verbally give them the Cliff’s Notes version of what you are reading and save yourself the tissue-paper and money.

4. Don’t allow all  your”you are at risk for____________” post-blood test-result talks with your doctor take away your joy of having a baby. Half of these doctors are just covering their you know whats so they don’t get sued in the small, unlikely chance, your baby, labor, or delivery is not all you hoped it would be. If you are really care free, just skip all those precautionary fetal-disease blood tests and save yourself the stress. That baby will be a beautiful gift from God and exactly what he had planned for you.

5. Don’t believe that if you put enough lotion on that you can stop stretch marks from appearing on your belly (or anywhere else that grows 😉 ) . It may help the amount,  but if you have the genetics to get stretch marks, there is no miracle cream that will stop it.

6. Don’t be surprised if people are nicer and conversational with you during your pregnancy and you even make more friends. It’s amazing how much pregnancy talk provides an icebreaker amongst strangers or work acquaintances. And once the ice breaks, most of those conversations will continue after the baby comes.

7. Don’t make the mistake of hoping or relying on your baby shower to get everything you will need for the baby. Consider the baby shower to be a bonus. In the meantime begin saving money for purchases you will need for the baby. Buy a  few “must have now”‘s if you insist, then see what you get at the shower, and have fun afterward with the shopping.  

8. Don’t “buy” into the lie that you need to buy items for your baby brand-new. Baby products, clothes, toys, and decor are expensive and after it’s all said and done, you can find yourself thousands of dollars deep in plastic and cloth that are quickly soiled or grown out of and of which your child will not even remember or care about anyway. Consignment stores, hand-me-downs from friends and family, and online sources like Craigslist can provide with you with perfectly clean, well-taken care of baby items of all categories at a fraction of the price. Even if you want your decor to match in the nursery, a little sandpaper and paint can make it all fit together beautifully.

9. Don’t indulge yourself in the saying that you are “eating for two” or all the food that follows. All you actually need to provide the extra energy and nutrition for pregnancy is about 350 calories a day in the first two semesters. Ladies, that is the equivalent of pretty much an apple and a thick slice of cheese. The last semester, you can have an extra 100 calories on top of that. Don’t follow this advice, and find yourself like me with my last pregnancy—50 pounds of weight gain that took 9 months to wear off. Instead, eat lots of healthy mini-meals or snacks throughout the day and treat yourself at the end of the day with a petite sweet treat. Most women need to only gain 25-35 pounds.

10. Don’t neglect your husband’s needs and use your pregnancy as an excuse or justification. Between the selfish demands of pregnancy and the baby it produces, fathers can often feel neglected and marriages can have struggles. They are part of the pregnancy too. And they need their love languages met. Do this, and they may even shower you with all the love and help they can offer. And this pregnancy and baby can bring you even closer together. Tired? stressed?  Head aches? Heart burn? Hungry? Feeling just fat and unattractive? If we expect them to be selfless toward us, then we should do the same. And hopefully when we slip and don’t, they can show us some grace and we can try again.

Am I 22 Weeks or 23 Weeks? Apparently no one knows!

So I go in for my checkup today with a few questions:

1. The doctors down at UCSD when giving me my level 2 Ultrasound said that my baby’s measurements indicated he was actually 10 days older than we thought and then changed my due date from May 20 to May 10. Do you know this doctor? Will this be the new due date you are following?

2. My belly is a little lopsided, the baby likes to hang out on my right side, and my right side of my belly is now tender. Is this okay?

3. We changed our mind about doing the c-section and would like to opt for the v-back, but can we change our mind  again if it doesn’t look like my body is progressing into labor?


1. My records show they made your due date May 13. Since it is within a week of your original due date, we will not change your due date.

2. Yes, its okay. You’ll be okay. You might itch as it grows. Everything will go back.

3. Yes, you can change your mind again, but we may have a harder time finding a time to schedule the c-section so last minute with all the other doctors there too. But we can do it. Just sign the waiver that says you know there is a 1% chance that you will have a uterine rupture which will cause neurological damage to your child and are still willing to take the chance. Why don’t you take a month to think about it. Otherwise, we schedule you for your c-section on May 13, a week from your due date so you don’t go into labor.

Her answer to number 3 made sense, but not number 1 or 2. Am I due on May 13 or 20? Why can’t they change the due dates? Am I 22 weeks pregnant or 23 weeks pregnant? And then my belly. Ok, its fine. Of course I know it will go back. What does that have to do with it being okay that its lopsided?

Meh…silly stuff.

Anyway, here are my stats:

Estimated due date: May 13-20, but they will stick with May 20. Unless I have a c-section. Then it will be May 13. Even though UCSD said May 10.

Heartbeat/rate: 150 bpm

Next appointment scheduled: Feb 9

Condition of baby: Active and healthy boy! Especially at night!

Food cravings: I officially had a first craving last night. Mac and Cheese. And, even better, I was able to talk my husband into getting out of bed and making it for me at 10 o’clock last night. Thank you hubby!!! 

Other symptoms: stuffy nose and sneezing finally gone! Hip aches, especially on my left side. Back aches, specifically my lower back. Clearer skin. Flakey dry lips. At times, insatiably thirsty. Super hungry all the time! Have suffered from heartburn three times this month! Once so bad, I couldn’t sleep! Triggers include: Hot Cheetos, coffee at night, and eating in bed! I discovered Mylanta and Maalox which helps, but would rather just stay away from the triggers. Crazy, they never caused heartburn before. Something about pregnancy makes you more susceptible I guess.

Nausea: gone!! Well, I still have a strong gag reflex when brushing my tongue, but otherwise, yes—gone!

Fatigue: gone!

Belly size: Definitely look pregnant. Definitely wearing maternity pants. Tried putting on my skinny jeans the other day and assumed I would wear my belly band to help with the fact that they don’t close. Well, the crack of my derrier didn’t want to stay put, so guess that was the last time. Boo! I guess it’s not just the belly that grows. But then again, I already knew that. I just hoped this time  it would be different.

Weight gain: 6 pounds this month for a total of 12-13 pounds so far. I know, 6 pounds is more than the recommended 4 pounds a month. But it was Christmas! People were practically shoving desserts down my face! I will be better this month, I…er…hope.

Pregnancy–the good, the bad, and the weird…thus far

The Good:

  • Having the excuse to eat more, sleep more, cry more, and lay around more. My husband does more things for me to around the house. It feels great to finally rest and to know it is going to be okay!
  • People insisting I don’t help with the lifting and carrying of heavy things.
  • My students are nicer and more respectful to me. They ask me questions about the baby; they compliment me on my cute belly; they ask me how I’m feeling; they show sympathy when I’m not feeling well; they laugh at all my jokes and stories; and they genuinely apologize when they mess up. Well, most of them. I still have one or two who like to bet their pennies.
  • I feel just genuinely more happy and carefree when teaching. Kids don’t frustrate me as easily. Broken copy machines, missing substitutes, and unexpected fire drills just roll off my back these days. And as for my classroom management style, eh….just don’t do it again, okay? Who am I? I used to be a drill Sargent!
  • Feeling the baby kick. Feels like popping popcorn now, and I can’t wait until it gets stronger. Owen got to feel the baby kick for the first time last night. So cool! Just wait until it looks like scenes from Alien. Or when the baby decides to kick the air out of my lungs without me expecting.
  • Talking to Kanan about the baby. He kisses my belly. He tells me he loves his baby brother or sister. He wants him to be a girl and to name her Allison (Even though the ultrasound showed us it is a boy and we think we may name him Mathias or Mateo). He wants me to hold the baby and him or to have Papa (Owen’s name) hold the baby and I hold him. He wants to help feed the baby and hold the baby too. So darn cute! Oh yeah, and he loves watching videos from Baby Center that shows the development of the baby in the womb.
  • I’ll just say it–my decolotage. I was never really blessed in that department and it feels great to fill out a blouse. My husband is enjoying the new me too.

The Bad:

  • I’m insatiably thirsty constantly. I walk around everywhere I go with a 24 oz water bottle with me. I fill it up four to five times a day and go through an entire one just to get through a night’s sleep.
  • Round ligament pain and sore spots as my belly grows. Especially if I cough really hard or get up too quickly. Gah! Right now its my right side that seems the sorest. And I believe it is exaggerated because the baby likes to hang out on that side more as well and push his little feet in the same spot.
  • Forgetting I have a belly when trying to squeeze through smaller spaces and scraping it. Like trying to get in a public bathroom stall. Who would have thought that it takes strategy to use a public restroom? I think I’ll just go straight for the disabled stall first now.
  • Going to the bathroom twice as much. And sometimes feeling like I’m going to pee my pants only to sit down and tinkle a tablespoon.
  • All the medical scares that come with being pregnant in the 21st century. What ever happened to just being pregnant and having a baby? Now I’ve got to do blood tests and ultrasounds and if anything is slightly off, they scare me with all the what if’s, risks, and possibilities and then want me to do all these other medical procedures. I believe it’s a greedy conspiracy for money.
  • Gagging every time I brush my tongue. When pregnant, the breathe-through-your-nose trick doesn’t work. Earlier in the pregnancy I had to brush twice. First brush for the sake of hygiene. The second brush to clean up the mess.
  • Watching my derriere get bigger along with my belly. I’ve gained only 6 pounds thus far and it may look like all belly, but why is it that my pants and underwear are feeling tighter around my hips too? They are low-cut, so don’t tell me its my belly.

The Weird:

  • Really dry, cracked bottom lip. I had it when I was pregnant with Kanan and I have it again. It is bad! And no amount of water or chapstick cures it. I find that taking a hot shower and then rubbing it vigorously with a dry towel after makes it look normal. Until I wake up in the morning and its is back again. Getting into the habit of pulling off the dry flakes with my teeth or my fingers. Very sexy. Especially when they bleed. Hey, no need for lipstick! I’ve got naturally stained lips!
  • Adventurous dreams! They are way more detailed with much more complicated plots. And I remember them! Of course, my husband is dumbfounded by my elaborate explanations of these dreams. But sometimes I just have to share them, they are just so crazy. Last night, I dreamed I was a senior in high school and forced to fight against the gangs to save my life, only to have the authorities and school administrators believe I was a gang member too.

Almost 18 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Boy Hemsath’s head and profile


It’s a boy!!! Who would have thought? Certainly not Owen or I or most people for that matter. Only one teenage student and our friend Amy said boy. I was sicker this time around it seemed, and more tired, so I assumed that the differences chocked it up to a girl. Nope. Haha! Regardless, I am soooo excited. I cried when I saw the images of him on the screen. And Owen is stoked too. Kanan got to be with us as well and see the baby on the screen.

Little Footsie!

Well, we did figure out a boy name weeks back. It was the girl names we were struggling with (Anayah, Alessandra, Jordan, Genesis, or Allison were possibilities). So as of two weeks ago, our little boy’s name is Mathias James Hemsath. But now that we know it is a boy, Owen would like to put some more thought into the name so I’m not guaranteeing it will stay Mathias James. So until we officially know, we will refer to this munchkin as Baby Boy Hemsath.

Boy Parts are below words on image

As for other updates
Weeks along: almost 18

Estimated due date: May 20

Heartbeat/rate: 154 bpm

Next appointment scheduled: Jan 12

Condition of baby: Active and healthy boy! Baby Boy Hemsath was so active during the ultrasound, the tech could barely get clear image shots.

I know my favorite books for pregnancy help me know what to expect each week. So much of it is right on. But here’s my additional symptoms.

Food cravings: none

Other symptoms: stuffy nose and sneezing constantly! (the nose ring doesn’t help), breathlessness, intense insatiable thirst! Getting up to go to the bathroom one to two times in the night. And feeling more voluptuous in the décolletage area.

Nausea: only a bout once a week in the morning. And perhaps one episode in the evening since my last post.

Fatigue: pretty much gone!!! I feel fabulous!

Baby Boy Hemsath face and skull

Size of belly: starting to wear some maternity pants even though they are too big for me. Discovered stretch pants from Motherhood Maternity that feel like heaven! I would seriously wear these pants every day, all day for the rest of the pregnancy if I could. I actually don’t want to wash them even though I still do because it means I can’t wear them. I don’t know what is in the material if these particular stretch pants but I have never worn pants so wonderful in my life.

Weight Gain thus far: 6 lbs
Condition of father: Quote: ” I have never been so happy in my life. “