Baby Bird

april-2009-birdies-and-painting-003While Kanan and I enjoyed the warm evening at dusk playing in the sandbox, a baby bird fell out of its nest and landed in the grass next to us. Kanan pointed it out to me right away– “Whats that Mama? Whats that?” he cried. And I turned and saw it. It hopped precariously along the grass, crying out for its Mama. Even Kanan noticed and said, “Is crying Mama” so empathetically. We followed it along. Kanan asked if he could touch it “nice” and I explained to him that we couldn’t touch it or its parents would reject it. As dusk grew dimmer, we videotaped the parents watching over the bird and swooping down to try and rescue it. I had to erase most of that footage to make room for the footage I was hoping to catch of the actual rescue, but unfortunately, my batteries died before I could get there. Enjoy picture and the couple of videos. 🙂

Closeup of baby bird in action and Kanan’s curiosity.

Me trying to capture the bird’s parents rescue it…never got it. And the next day bird was still there! I hope it survives all alone. 😦

Kanan Can Memorize Lyrics!

Here is a cute video as proof. He is singing (with Mom’s help, so excuse my annoying Mommy singing voice) “Are You Sleeping Brother John.” And in the car today, there was a song on the radio called “Good Morning Planetariuim” by Falling Up and Kanan actually sang one of the words at the right part! 🙂 I am so proud. 🙂

Kanan Turns Two!

3346189558_17b634d02bHis birthday party was awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who came and for those who couldn’t come, we missed you! Kanan loved all of his friends, jumping on the jumper, playing in the park, hitting the pinata, and of course eating his cake. He loves all of his presents too. You all spoiled him! 🙂 Thank you again, so much. I wish I could have talked more with everyone who came, but Kanan did seem to have a bad case of Mamitas on his birthday so he kept me busy. I’ve posted some pictures on my Flickr account so check it out to the right.

I heard a lot of guests commented on how divine the cake was, which is exciting because my good friend Rebekah Gusman made it. If you ever want to order cakes, cupcakes, or entrees (she is a personal chef !) from her, she offers great prices and delicious meals. As a matter of fact, when I had Kanan, she made me almost two weeks worth of amazing meals, which she she packaged and gave to me to keep in the freezer. So after having a c-section, I just had to pop the meal in the oven (she provided the temps and times too). This was such a great help and I’ll never forget her for it.  You can find her at

 Kanan said the cake was “yummy” and has been saying even more since then. He has developed in language and in growth since two weeks ago when I bragged about him. Within the last two weeks, he can say “mano” (animal), “oh man!”, “oh dude,” “Hailey,” “Nono” (for his friend Nolan), “Rara” (Grandma), and “C-Duck” (for his Uncle C-dog, real name Chris).  He is also starting to play a little make believe. He excitedly fed juice to his Manny doll given to him on his birthday by his Great Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Bernie. He also has these miniature father, mother, and child that he sets up and puts in his trucks. He also has them hug and kiss all the time. He calls them “Mama” “Dada” and “baby” too, so I was a little intrigued as to why he puts “Mama” in the back of the truck, while “Dada” and “baby” get to ride in the driver and passenger seats. Hmmmmmm 😛 Well, regardless, it is so cute. Especially since he hasn’t taken Mike’s and my seperation in a negative way or even shown it in his reinactment of a family with his little dolls (except for putting Mama in the back of the truck part I mean) . That makes me happy.

It is crazy to believe that a year ago my little boy who weighs now about 31 pounds was born. He is such a joy and with every milestone, he just gets better and better.

Enjoying MLK Jr Day

martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-weekend-2009-006Today was such a wonderful day! Aside from Kanan waking me up at 530 this morning, it really was grand. And thankfully I own a delicious blend of espresso I bought at Sprouts and my favorite creamer in the world–Italian Sweet Creme, so I was able to make it through the 530 A.M wake up. Kanan and I started our morning off cuddling in bed for about a half hour and then cuddled on the couch and watched Martha Speaks and Clifford on PBS while I woke up with my morning cup of java. We then had breakfast, went for a walk, and played at the park. Kanan climbed up the rope ladder about three times in a row all by himself. He is so cute when he says “up, up, up”  every time he moves his feet up each rung.

The real fun came in mid-morning when we went to Lake San Marcos and fed bread crumbs to the ducks. Kanan spent more energy eating his white bread than throwing it into the lake, but he certainly enjoyed watching the ducks while he munched and did throw a few crumbs here and there.

martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-weekend-2009-025Afterward we went to my sister’s house and Kanan ran around with his cousin Harley for about an hour before passing out for his afternoon nap. My sister, Grandma, Dad, and Linda chit-chatted a bit. Then I napped too to catch up after waking up so early. After Kanan woke up, my dad, grandma, and Linda left for downtown Carlsbad to snoop around. Kanan was great. He snacked on cookies from Starbucks, played with his toys in his stroller as we walked the streets, pointed and smiled at cool decorations at a local import shop, and ate well at Coyote Bar and Grill where we ate dinner. The salsa there was delicious and Kanan liked the salsa so much, he ate all the salsa I poured on his plate and then when he finished, grabbed the salsa dish, pulled the straw out of his water and started slurping it up! No joke and I promise you no one at the table initiated martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-weekend-2009-049that! My salsa loving son came up with that brilliant idea all by himself! He then saw a little boy in the next booth and decided to talk with him in his little baby talk. I’m not sure all what he said, but I did hear “truck” and “shoe” and Kanan did kick out his foot and point to his shoe as he told the little boy all about it.

He is sleeping well now, clean from his bath and teeth brushing, and warm from his blankets and his first pillow. I blessed him before he went to sleep. What a joy it was to spend the day with my family today and of course, watch my son grow and learn and laugh.

Quick–How Many Christmas Parties Does it Take to Tire Theresa?

december-2008-008Since my family is not only large but also seemed to to do Christmas separately this year, it took me a while to be able to make this post. At first I was very upset about it, but it worked out and it just made Christmas feel more like Hanukkah instead, which does have its perks. We didn’t have just one Christmas….we had like five! So it took about a week to get through all of my Christmas-get-togethers and boy am I tired!

Our Christmas adventures started last weekend when Kanan and I went to my Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Bernie’s house out in Newport Beach. Some of my dad’s family was there and while we didn’t exchange gifts, we used that time to just talk and eat and enjoy the time together. I hadn’t seen my cousins Jennifer and Christopher in over a year so it was a real blessing to see them. Kanan loved playing with his third cousin Noah and eating chocolate and refusing to take a nap. He didn’t get to bed that night until late, but he was super happy.

Then on Tuesday, Kanan and I packed up my car and headed up to december-2008-042Upland where we spent the afternoon and evening at my old friend Lisa’s house. We exchanged gifts for the kids and the Kanan had a wonderful time playing with his buddy Nolan. They shared trucks, played chase, watched cartoons, went shopping at the local mall, ate dinner together, and took a bath together before going to bed. What a joy it was to be with my friend Lisa with whom I’ve been friends for 15 years and see our children growing together.

Kanan and I stayed through the next morning, Christmas Eve, and then left at 1130 to head out and make a quick visit to my other old friend’s house—Bekah. Bekah and I have known each other since 6th grade and now her children Alex and Cole are friends with my son. Kanan and Alex played and exchanged gifts as well, and we ate a quick lunch with them before all the boys needed to take a nap.

Kanan and I headed back to Upland and went to my Grandparents house to take a nap and prepare for Christmas with the Colombian side of the family. I attempted to make it to a Christmas Eve church service at my mother’s old church Water of Life, but they didn’t have child care available december-2008-0011for the 3 o’clock service. The ushers told me not to worry–that they were going to have a puppet show and that kids were welcome. Well, apparently none of us were ready for Kanan’s plans although I had an in-cling of suspicion. He was okay through the worship part but then started wanting to run down the aisles and climb up on chairs and throw his toys over the backsides of chairs or shout out hello to nearby Christians. I gave him a cereal bar which appeased him for about 3 seconds, but thankfully the puppet show started. I thought for sure, this would entertain him. They wanted all the children to come up on the stage and listen to this monkeyish puppet teach the children about the true meaning of Christmas. All the kids from 3 months old to 5 years old stared quietly, in awe of the little hairy animal telling his tale. That is every child BUT mine. Kanan was more interested in the kids around him and in jumping down the steps of the stage. He then attempted again to run down the front aisle, but thankfully a nearby saint grabbed him for me. At this point I gave up, went back to my seat, grabbed my purse and told my mom we were leaving. She smiled understandably. So I took Kanan in his dressy Christmas outfit out i3144739785_46343ccc11nto the playground where he played a bit before discovering a muddy rain puddle. That was the end of his handsome Christmas getup. I was so done. I carried him out to the car, drove through a local Starbucks for a Espresso Truffle for me and a Vanilla Steamer for him and we went back to Grandma and Grandpas

The afternoon was filled with family coming in, delicious food including bacon wrapped prunes ( I know, crazy, but amazing!) cookies, and other sweets. I don’t give Kanan sugar at all and so made the naive mistake of thinking one special occasion wouldn’t hurt. Yeah right, my child turned into a crazy kid! He was running around non-stop, rebelling, rolling around on the ground. He passed out in the car on the hour and a half drive back home, slept through the night and woke up on Christmas morning a total grump! Don’t give your children sugar! It is poison! 🙂

christmas-2008-001Christmas was otherwise good. We had a small get-together at my dad’s house where I currently live. My mom and her boyfriend came over (yes, my parents are friends) and my step mom Linda’s best friend came over with her boyfriend. We enjoyed opening gifts, eating an amazing brunch that Linda cooked up, and then after Kanan’s nap, we headed out to my sisters to do a Christmas dinner with her and her family. Barbie’s boyfriend Paul made an incredible prime rib roast and Kanan finally cheered up although it took the whole day before he was somewhat normal and recovered from the previous day’s sugar. We played Catchphrase, exchanged gifts, laughed, and talked. Kanan thought my mom’s toes were candy and tried to nibble them and later pointed at his rear-end and said “butt” so that was in deed a highlight to our Christmas evening. Unfortunately her kids were not there because this Christmas was their year to spend with Dad.

christmas-2008-008So Christmas continued on through yesterday, when Barbie came over with her daughter Harley so Harley could open her Christmas gifts. We had another delicious dinner with Honey Glazed Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes. My Grandmother Lois came as well because she spent Christmas with my cousin Breanna in Palm Desert. Harley and Kanan played with each other because Mike stopped by for a bit so Kanan could see his favorite cousin. Kanan left on Friday to be with his dad and have their own little Christmas on Saturday morning with Mike’s family who drove down from Santa Barbara.

Gah! So here I am now. My biggest regret is not getting any large pictures of everyone together. For more pictures of other family and friends moments in my grand Christmas party race, check out the Flickr thumbnails on the side bar. But I digress…..My final point comes now: Tired? Yes. Blessed? Indeed. Waiting on the New Year? You bet! I’ve got plenty of excitement and hope for 2009 and will be posting a New Year blog here soon. I hope everyone’s Christmas was Merry indeed.

Halloween and Kanan

pic-01471This year’s Halloween adventure was much better than last years. Check the archive for my details on that although I warn you, the crying skunk pictures are adorable. This year, Mike had Kanan on Halloween, but because I couldn’t resist spending time with my son on such a fun evening, Mike allowed me to not only tag along on their adventure, but even allowed me to direct us where to go. So where to? We went to my Church’s Harvest Festival! It seemed like a fun, wholesome place for Kanan to go and we wouldn’t have to worry about Kanan running in the streets or getting hit by cars or having big kids steal his candy. Mike dressed him in a wet suit and messed up his hair. He was the cutest little surfer there and danced to the band playing music, played bingo, rolled over-sized balls around, and made friends with a little girl dressed as the Cowardly Lion. He even introduced me to her in his little baby gibberish. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, I did forget my camera, but asked Mike to take a shot of Kanan with his cellphone camera. Here is Kanan taking a break from dancing as he gazes at the audience. He was exhausted at this point in the evening and we left shortly after. All in all, Halloween was a success. Kanan had one piece of candy—a tootsie pop and loved every lick it took to get to the center.