Valentines Special–Free Download of Children’s Book on Love

agape heartValentines Special–Free Download of my Children’s Book, “How to Love Like Jesus: a Guide for Children and Their Parents.” Now through January 20th.

One of my students came in yesterday and asked if I could read a definition paper she wrote on love. She chose to focus on what love is versus what love is not. I breathed in a sigh of relief when I read her quote from the Book of Corinthians where the Apostle Paul defines love. And I then knew for sure she had taken it to heart when she went on to explain that love was not a hormonal feeling but a committed action that someone does for the ones they love. She went on to bring up Romeo and Juliet and typical high school romances that more often fall in to other categories outside of real love, and it hit me–Valentines Day will be coming up soon and so many people will be speaking about love without really knowing what it is.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate then as a Valentines Gift to give our children a book that helps them understand what love is from a biblical standpoint so they too can start their lives off on a strong foot, as my student has? It is so rare. And the world bombards us with lies about what love is.

The front and back cover of the children's book How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents.

The front and back cover of How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents.

My children’s book “How to Love Like Jesus: a Guide for Children and Their Parents” has not only helped children, but many of their parents better understand what real love looks like in real life.

For this reason, I am starting a promotion. You can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the kindle version of my book starting today from January 16th through January 20th. If you like it, I encourage you to read the book to your children on Valentines Day or as you approach the holiday. Even better, if you like it, I encourage you to Buy “How to Love Like Jesus” . At $9.99 with numerous, colored illustrations and engaging questions for your children to ponder, you will see from the free-download that is worth it.

The book is appropriate to read to children as young as 2 to as old as 12. You can use just the illustrations with your younger ones, but use the written text with the older ones. You can read one section at a time, or all at once if they have the attention span.

Don’t have a kindle? Don’t worry, the link HERE will give you a safe download of an app that will help your iPhone or computer be able to read the kindle file for free.

I hope you enjoy the book. Please leave any comments or suggestions below or on the Amazon page. I do use affiliate links on this blog to help support it. It does not cost anything extra for you, just allows Amazon to share a few pennies with me for linking the books they host.


3-Day-Free Book Promotion Starts Sunday– How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents

What it begins to look like as I color them.

Great news–people are loving How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide For Children and Their Parents. It has 8 reviews on Amazon as of now, each review giving the book 5 stars! It turns out, kids love the book and so do the parents. And given it teaches valuable virtues like patience, kindness, politeness, forgiveness and the like, it is all the more exciting! We just might be able to teach our kids how to be more loving in a way they can enjoy with their parents. 🙂

Download the Kindle Edition of How to Love Like Jesus right here! Usually $3.99, its free starting this Sunday for three days only. Not sure? Here is what some of the reviewers are saying:

on August 10, 2015

My kids love reading this story with us!
on July 3, 2015
Love this! I bought one for each of my children to read to their grand babies.
on June 7, 2015
it really helpfull. Thanks a lot
on March 6, 2015
I think this book/ebook is a wonderful in hand guide as to how God calls us to love. What I love most is that there are actual scriptures, not just her opinion. I have this book both on my daughters kindle (bc she loves to color on her books) and a hard copy bc I’m a tad old fashion in that when reading to my girls I prefer to have the book in hand.
Top favorite things about this book:
1) scripture
2) illustration is child friendly – but mostly I love that the kids are not just one ethnicity but of Multi-cultural
3) easy read
I hope one day she is able to make a series of simple to the point books like this- and maybe some audio books for the blind and other forms Of reading for those with disabilities :)-EDM
on February 24, 2015
Just bought another one for another family! I am a grandma and truly appreciate this book about teaching children (and the adults who read it) about the love of Jesus. Theresa puts it in such a loving way and children get so involved! The book is a treasure. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to give children and their parents a book they will enjoy for many years!
on February 16, 2015
We really enjoyed the way the author took a difficult biblical concept and brought it down to a very practical children’s level. This is a great purchase for any parent or grandparent!!
on February 15, 2015
This is an excellent resource for parents who want to teach their children how to love like Jesus. I was also reminded of struggles that I have in showing love in the way that I’m called to as well.I would highly recommend it!
on January 11, 2015
I have yet to have a chance to read this to my kids, But I have read it and loved it! So well written and easy to understand and apply what you learn. This will be a great addition to your library!
Want to see for yourself? Take a simple chance by downloading the Kindle Edition first. I’m hosting a 3 day book promotion starting Sunday, August 23rd. If you like it, which I’m sure you will, go ahead and buy the paperback version so your kids can enjoy the larger images and hold the pages in their hands.

Download the Kindle Edition of How to Love Like Jesus right here!

Thanks To All My Readers!

child gives up on praying for his grandpaThank you, Thank you !

My 5-day free book promotion for How to Love Like Jesus: a Guide for Children and Their Parents was a wonderful success, thank you to so many readers who downloaded the kindle edition. This time, over 800 people downloaded a copy of the children’s book. I surely hope everyone enjoys the character building virtues and values that the book teaches, and enjoys the humorous illustrations as well.

You can read the book from beginning to end in one sitting, or read it section by section over the course of a few days. The book works great either way, and really depends on the needs of your kids and their attention span.

Theresa Hemsath, author of How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents gets over 800 downloads from Kindle Promotion

One of the awesome perks about the book is that it entertains and relates to kids from toddler-age through elementary school. My 2 and 3 year old sons enjoy it just as much as my 8 year old. The words are simple enough for an 8 year old to read, but of course can be read to younger kids by an adult or older sibling. It is now back on Amazon for $3.99 for Kindle or $9.99 for paperback. I invite you to check out the book and if you buy it to please review!

5 Day Free Book Promotion On Children’s Book–How To Love Like Jesus

download your free copy of How To Love Like Jesus, here.

Click this Image for Your Free Download!

Book Promotion on How To Love Like Jesus: A Guide For Children and Their Parents runs from Monday, May 11th- Friday, May 15th.

Everyone knows that children, God-bless them, struggle with that me-first, center of the universe attitude. And it is our job as adults to help train them out of that mindset so they can be responsible adults who people like and want to be around. While we all struggle with being unloving from time-to-time, children need daily training. And just like us, they each will have their own personal areas of weakness.

  • impatience

  • unkindness

  • rudeness

  • boastfulness

  • delighting in mischief and wrongdoing

  • demands his/her own way

  • hopelessness/faithlessness

  • gives up easily/without grace

  • holds grudges/unforgiving

All of these, the bible says are symptoms of an unloving heart. It’s very normal, very common. It is something we all struggle with in one way or another. But with some great explanations, helpful advice, and funny but relatable scenarios, How To Love Like Jesus works on helping your child come to recognize some of this unloving behavior as unloving and inspires them to being more loving, like Jesus. Instead, they can seek to become the following:

  • patient

  • kind

  • polite

  • boastful in Jesus or others

  • delighting in truth and goodness

  • Selfless

  • hopeful/faithful

  • doesn’t give up/shows grace toward others

  • forgiving

This is a great book for parents, teachers, babysitters, aunts and uncles, and grandparents to have on hand for those little ones when they come around. Not only does it teach them, but they will actually enjoy it. My kids love the book and so many others who have purchased the book have shared the same. This week only, I’m giving the kindle version of the book away for FREE. I just want it out there so people have the resource and can spread the news to their friends and family. If you like the kindle version, I do encourage you to come back to buy the paperback copy. For some reason, kids still love to get their hands on real books these days. And the best part about paperback is that they can open it anytime, without needing to ask if they can hold the kindle reader or other device you have.

Click Here to Download your free kindle version now.

Click Here to Download Now!

But there are many technology savvy families out there and getting the free kindle version is a great way to try out the book to see if you’d be happy after buying it. So check out this affiliate link below. It will take you to Amazon where you can download it this week for free. If you don’t have a kindle reader, don’t worry– you can still download the book. Here is a link to download a kindle reader app for your iPhone, other smartphone, or even your PC!: Free Apps to Read Kindles on Your Other Devices Here!
Please, leave a review on Amazon for me. I’d love to know what you appreciate about the book, and what you’d like to see more/less of. I’m using this info for the 2nd edition as well as for my next few books coming out in the future.

Successful First Book Promotion for How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents

I had over 500 downloads this week during my free promotion of my book How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents.

I decided this week to put on a book promotion for my recent book. Kindle offers a couple of different types of promotions and I chose to go with the free book offer. I made the mistake of not making time to put a blog up here to promote it, but I did get an awesome and inspiring Mommy Blogger, Nikki Marie to read the book and she gave it a great review on her Mommy Blog called at

In the end, I just want the book out there. There’s no book out there like it for kids. And I know I’m a new author and can’t expect people to just up and buy my books without seeing if they are worth it. So I have to say, I was super excited to see that even without my blog promotion that the book did really well this week. I got over 500 downloads! Thank you to all those out there who downloaded the book. I pray that blesses you and your children. Please leave a review! 🙂

I will be considering all of my readers’ thoughts and perspectives as I do the final drafting of my next couple of books. This summer I will be working on getting two done– The Roman Road to Salvation–which will give children the gospel message in a way they can understand. And another book on the Fruits of the Spirit vs The Fruits of the Flesh (a modified, child-friendly explanation!) Both will be illustrated as well in a similar style as the one I illustrated, although I think I’m just going to pay for an illustrator because that was so tedious! I don’t mind the drawing part, but getting it all colored and dealing with all the layers and color selection using Adobe, was just really stressful.

If you have not yet had a chance to read  How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents, do so today. 🙂 This great resource will help your children learn how to love in applicable ways to their lives, Its available on Amazon on Kindle for $2.99 and for around $8-10 in paperback (They change the pricing week to week). Please leave a review too!

Love is not Jealous. And Benny agrees!

I got a chance to read How To Love Like Jesus: a guide for children and their parents to my 2-year-old son, Benny. I used different questions with him than what I have in the book because the questions are fit more for a 6-8 year-old child.

Here are some ideas on how to modify the questions.

  1. Change a question like the following into a yes or no question: What makes you feel jealous?

Instead ask:

Do you feel jealous when your brother gets a new toy?

[Wait for response]

That’s not very loving is it?

[Wait for response]

2. And instead of asking your child how they can think and act differently next time they feel jealous, ask a more leading question like the following:

Should we be happy for him next time because we love him?

[Wait for response]

You can see me do this with Benny. He loves the camera so don’t mind his flirty brown eyes. Oh and when I ask how the boy feels and he says “Goppy” he means “grumpy.”

Paperback Version of My Children’s Book on How to Love Like Jesus is Finally Ready for Order!

a sneak peak into the book

a sneak peak into the book

It is finally ready! I’m so excited. 🙂 How to Love Like Jesus: A Guide for Children and Their Parents
is here!

If you have been needing like me, a resource to help you teach your child how to love in action, I encourage you to buy the book. I wrote it for my sons. I wrote it for your kids. Its needed. There’s nothing out there like it on the market. And I don’t know about you, but my kids need some life application to what they hear in Sunday school or what bible verses they may memorize from their midweek Awana or CKC program they may be in. And if you don’t have your kids in either, than I’m sure you’d agree that they need life application of the bible regardless.

buy how to love like jesus amazon linkMy children love the book and enjoy the questions it asks and the funny illustrations I added in order to relate to their lives. I think you will find the $9.99 price worth the book. It is rich with information–enough for an older child to read in one sitting and a younger child to read section by section over a few days, like a devotional.

Check out the book today on Amazon. At the above link or on this picture to my right. I will now be working on building some relationships with nearby Christian bookstores in my area to see if we can get some copies there as well. 🙂

Please leave a review on Amazon after you read it! This will help me when making my second edition and it will help get the word out there that this book is good and worthy of buying! 🙂

Would love comments here as well and on my FB about how you feel about the book and how your kids received it. 🙂 More books to come. They are written. I just need to illustrate and design the layout. The more feedback from you the better I can make them. I want to make books that are needed.

The ones to come: Roman Road to Salvation, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Body as Worship, and ABC’s of the Bible.