5 Day Free Book Promotion On Children’s Book–How To Love Like Jesus

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Book Promotion on How To Love Like Jesus: A Guide For Children and Their Parents runs from Monday, May 11th- Friday, May 15th.

Everyone knows that children, God-bless them, struggle with that me-first, center of the universe attitude. And it is our job as adults to help train them out of that mindset so they can be responsible adults who people like and want to be around. While we all struggle with being unloving from time-to-time, children need daily training. And just like us, they each will have their own personal areas of weakness.

  • impatience

  • unkindness

  • rudeness

  • boastfulness

  • delighting in mischief and wrongdoing

  • demands his/her own way

  • hopelessness/faithlessness

  • gives up easily/without grace

  • holds grudges/unforgiving

All of these, the bible says are symptoms of an unloving heart. It’s very normal, very common. It is something we all struggle with in one way or another. But with some great explanations, helpful advice, and funny but relatable scenarios, How To Love Like Jesus works on helping your child come to recognize some of this unloving behavior as unloving and inspires them to being more loving, like Jesus. Instead, they can seek to become the following:

  • patient

  • kind

  • polite

  • boastful in Jesus or others

  • delighting in truth and goodness

  • Selfless

  • hopeful/faithful

  • doesn’t give up/shows grace toward others

  • forgiving

This is a great book for parents, teachers, babysitters, aunts and uncles, and grandparents to have on hand for those little ones when they come around. Not only does it teach them, but they will actually enjoy it. My kids love the book and so many others who have purchased the book have shared the same. This week only, I’m giving the kindle version of the book away for FREE. I just want it out there so people have the resource and can spread the news to their friends and family. If you like the kindle version, I do encourage you to come back to buy the paperback copy. For some reason, kids still love to get their hands on real books these days. And the best part about paperback is that they can open it anytime, without needing to ask if they can hold the kindle reader or other device you have.

Click Here to Download your free kindle version now.

Click Here to Download Now!

But there are many technology savvy families out there and getting the free kindle version is a great way to try out the book to see if you’d be happy after buying it. So check out this affiliate link below. It will take you to Amazon where you can download it this week for free. If you don’t have a kindle reader, don’t worry– you can still download the book. Here is a link to download a kindle reader app for your iPhone, other smartphone, or even your PC!: Free Apps to Read Kindles on Your Other Devices Here!
Please, leave a review on Amazon for me. I’d love to know what you appreciate about the book, and what you’d like to see more/less of. I’m using this info for the 2nd edition as well as for my next few books coming out in the future.


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