Coming Soon: A Phone App to Help Your Marriage

a wife jumps on her phone for some marriage-building support, so she can be a better wife to her husband.

Wouldn’t a Marriage Building App be Awesome?

What if you could download a phone app that would actually help you be a better wife/spouse? Would you download it? I can’t get too into the details, because I don’t have a patent or copyright on the app yet, but my great friend and fellow blogger at, Nikki Marie have just finished creating the content for a very exciting application that would do just this. As a matter of fact, we created one specifically for husbands and another specifically for wives.

Happy Marriages make happy families and society

We will be working diligently in making sure this app is exactly what you need because we both are strong believers that a strong marriage makes a strong family, and a strong society. We will be putting out a free version when we launch it as we gather reviews and work on making it even better, so please stay posted!

But before we begin hiring the developers and programmers to bring this exciting support to you through your phone, I want to fine tune it. What would you appreciate in a marriage-builder app? What types of books have you read on building strong marriages that you think would be awesome to draw from in a phone application?

Would love your input, so please share!

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5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A Phone App to Help Your Marriage

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  2. Interesting concept! I think something that would help is a personalised section where you can set a goal and have a reminder. We constantly take in information and ideas about maintaining and growing our marriages and yet unless we put at least one of those ideas into action it is just information. But – every marriage is different so to be able to action and prioritise and remind in amongst everything would be good.


    • Ok, Brittany– just think…have you ever thought, “I wish there was an app that would….” involving any area of your life that would somehow bless your husband or bless your marriage? Maybe that would jumpstart your ideas. 🙂 That’s how I came up with this idea. I looked in the App stores and didn’t find anything like it. 🙂


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