Jameson is 9 Months Old!

Loves to sleep on his belly with one leg, froggy style--- just like his Mom!

Yesterday marked Jameson’s 9-month birthday! And it has been a month of progress, for sure. 🙂 Jameson got another cold this month—this time from his brother, Kanan. This one was fierce— high fevers, runny nose, cough, tummy aches, and lots of lethargy. Jameson had a couple of rough days so I took the Thursday off on President’s Day weekend to stay home and just be with my boys. By Sunday, both were feeling better. Last week, Jameson still had a little runny nose but was feeling much better. This week, we are free of runny noses! Ugh! Lets hope and pray we can go longer than 2 weeks this time before we are hit with another virus. Sooooo over this winter and its viruses. That was the 4th cold this season and we are not even out of February yet. Come on Summer!

Jameson loves his brother Kanan. Jameson crawled on to him by himself and cuddled with his big brother on sick day.

Swing time at the Beach!

Regardless, Jameson had a few little outings this month. I took him and his brother and cousin to the beach to walk around and play in the park. Jameson went on a swing for the first time. The pictures I took crack me up. He was so unimpressed by the swings, I was surprised. He didn’t dislike them. He just didn’t smile and squeal like I thought he would. Instead he just sat in the swing, holding his ninja doll and sort of staring blankly out in the distance. I’m sure he was probably just more interested in all the people walking along the boardwalk than what he was doing, but nonetheless so funny. He also began bathing in the bathtub without having to use his sling. He just sits his little bottom now in the tub and crawls around and splashes in the shallow water. He loves Loves LOVES taking baths. And so of course when I had him and Kanan take a bath together one night, he was even more excited. I have never seen Jameson smile and laugh and splash so much. Even Kanan just beamed with adoration at the naked chubby baby loving him so much in that tub. I’m not sure how much longer I can have Kanan and Jameson bathe together as Kanan is approaching his 5th birthday. It feels like Kanan is getting too old to be sitting in the bathtub in front of me. I’m not sure when is the appropriate time to let the kids go in this department, so any thoughts or insight would be helpful. Until then though, Jameson is ecstatic to share the tub with his brother, the big brother he just loves so much.

Showing off them three pearls! Before he cut his 4th on his 9-month birthday

Superbowl was also a fun day for us. Jameson had a great time flirting with all the 6-13 year-old girls who played with him while Owen and I caught up on adult talk with our friends. Jameson refused to nap, but he held out okay. He loved his little buddy Luke Adam’s jumper and his drum toys. And the little guy even tagged along with Owen and I as we set out one Sunday to buy ourselves a car. He went with us to three dealerships, sitting the longest at the BMW Encinitas where we found our Highlander. Everything was great and funny enough, he didn’t start freaking out until the Sales Manager tried closing on us with these dealership maintenance and road-side assistance packages that would be financed and tacked on to our car loan. We didn’t even have to suggest to Jameson that he turn up the fussy baby in that moment. It was perfect timing. Sorry Mr. Sales Manager. Fussy baby means we are done. Lets just sign that paperwork and be on our way, mkay?

Mom takes off work to stay home with sick babies

Playing with Mom's childhood puzzles

Now as for growth and milestones—the little monkey is gobbling up solid food all day long. He eats solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks in the day as well. At dinner, he is so hungry for his solid dinner that I can barely eat. If a spoon is not putting food in this boy’s mouth, he is whining. We are trying to teach him “more please” and “all-done” in sign language so we can hopefully cut the whining down. Every time Owen and I show him the sign, he smiles super big and just stares at our hands. I can tell he is thinking and taking it all in. But no signs yet of him doing it. Not giving up though. 🙂 He must be going through a growth spurt though or just not getting enough food in regardless of how hard I try because he has been waking up at 3AM again, screaming his head off until I come in at 5 and feed him. I won’t feed him before 5 AM. He is too big to be still eating at night. The problem is that the whole 3-day rule to the crying it out, just didn’t work for this one. After the 5th day, I decided to try problem solving. It was either teething, hunger, or just a stuck internal clock. I decided to try the hunger option first. He goes to bed at 7 and I go to bed around 10 or 11. So I decided to come in before I went to bed and do a dream-feed with just 4 oz of formula. Done. The kid didn’t wake up at 3 AM that night. And he even slept through the standard 5 AM wake up and feed me scream-a-thon that he has been doing the last couple of months, every single day. So that was it. He was just hungry. Now, I don’t want to continue doing a dream-feed. He has three teeth. Scratch that. He just cut his fourth tooth yesterday, on his 9-month birthday. So he has four teeth now and a dream-feed is not going to be good for cavities and such. So I’m hoping to just do this for a week or so and then stop again and see how it goes. Hopefully, it’s just a growth spurt. The problem is because I work, I cannot guarantee that he is getting enough food in the day. He is with his dad in the morning, who then drops him off at Grandmas, who then is picked up by his babysitter—Kelly, who then takes care of him until I pick him up at 4. And in between all the hands, communication is not always clear and I believe the changing people and environment sort of excite him—and so often times, I am told he just didn’t want to eat this meal or drink that bottle. I’m not really sure what to do about it. Hopefully, I won’t have to dream-feed long to compensate and instead, Jameson will just get used to the routine and eat better. Technically, Jameson has only been in this routine for one month. He had just Owen and then one sitter everyday up until the beginning of February. He may just need a little more time to get used to this program.

Berry Time!

So with other milestones—yes he has cut his fourth tooth. Also he can stand now on his own without support for a good 10-15 seconds before falling. He is just so proud of himself for doing this. You should see his beaming smile and excited squeal when he is able to balance this long. Also–today, he took his first few steps while holding my hands. Before today, I would try to “walk” him around, but he didn’t know what to do with his feet. I’d have to move his feet for him. But today, he moved his feet forward all by himself. And once he did it once with me, he wanted to do it again and again and again. He was sooooo excited that he could “walk.” Our babysitter Kelly has been able to watch the “steps” leading up until this moment and told me a few days ago that she thought Jameson would be walking soon. I wasn’t so sure. But now I can see that yes, it looks like we are on our way to a toddler here soon. Maybe a month. Still, it doesn’t mean he will be just walking around everywhere in a month. Kanan took his first real steps at 11 months but really didn’t start preferring walking over crawling until he was about 13 months old. It will be interesting to see which route Jameson takes.


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