Kanan…my little bubba

He is growing up so fast!

Knowledge– He can recognize all his letters and knows their sounds, so reading is right around the corner. He is learning all of his states. He is fascinated with Megalodon, the prehistoric shark and with Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is in preschool and will be starting Kindergarten next fall. We recently just enrolled him in Calvary Kids Club at our church, which is like Awana. He just earned his first patch. Right now he is working on learning about God’s love and forgiveness of us through his son Jesus.

Play– he loves to play with his Star Wars action figures he bought with his own money and these two little ninja fighters he got at the Dollar Tree with his own money as well. He loves playing Captain America on Owen’s IPad and playing Wii Sports like baseball and boxing.

Action— he can run, and loves it. He is learning to surf, skateboard, and snowboard. He learned how to swim this summer. He loves boxing with Owen. He is not a really good sport so we have yet to get him involved in any team sports but we are hoping to get him into baseball maybe next summer.

Creativity— he finally, finally is starting to enjoy coloring! I am so excited! I am not the race-car-driving, action-figure-fighting, Wii-sport-playing type of mom. I can handle about 2 minutes of it and I’m dying of boredom. But coloring, coloring I can do for hours! So I’m really hoping to nurture this developing hobby and perhaps get Kanan to even love it. He has artistic talent in his blood, but his dad had zero….so not sure what the odds are.

Personality—he is a talker and he loves to make people laugh. He is still very sensitive. He has an amazing sense of direction. He knows where everything is at in North County and can tell you where he is at and how to get to where he is going. He is very loving toward his little brother. He can get a bit restless when stuck in the house too long. And he loves disgusting jokes about poop and farts. One of his favorite pastimes before sleep is to let his Mom do “going on a treasure hunt” on his back. He is a pretty good eater, but a much better snacker. He is known in our home for asking for a “little snack” multiple times a day.

Silly stuff— The other day, he got a hold of the scissors and decided to give himself a haircut. So he got his head shaved yesterday.


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