Jameson is 5 1/2 months!

Well, it seems I have gotten myself on this non-traditonal timeline for posting updates on Jameson. But, I kind of like being untraditional, so there. :)This last month has been a big month for little Jameson. Last month we had started him on solids but the day after I made my post, his body decided to stop pooping. Poor little guy was constipated for a week. Didn’t poop. He was miserable. And so was his babysitter Cecia and of course, me. So we decided it may have been the solid food and so took a break from that. We did start him back into trying it out earlier this week. We tried sweet potatoes for two days and he did just fine. Think we will go back to one of his first tastes, peas today in addition to a taste or two of sweet potato and continue to monitor him.

Other milestones:

Sitting! He is a really good sitter now. I can sit him on the floor in the living room and he can balance there for ten minutes or so before falling over, so we are really proud of him. He is proud of himself too. Now that he can sit on his own, that is all he wants to do. Its like once he figures something he can do, he wants to practice and practice and practice on it until he’s mastered it and then move on to something else. Check out this cute video of him sitting and playing with his toys:


Babbling! Right now, his favorite sound is “Nahnah!” and he says it all the time. He mostly says it when he is whining, so I’m wondering of it is his attempt at saying “no,” or “no more,” or  “none of this!” Haha. We shall see.

Blowing Rasberries! Oh my does he love to do this. And it is adorable. He was blowing raspberries all through church service today and was getting smiles from everybody. Kanan thinks it is hilarious and will blow raspberries back at Jameson. To which Jameson loves, because the kid just adores attention from his brother. So they will sit there and blow raspberries back and forth with each other for a few minutes.

Rolling, Wiggling, and Scooting! I will put Jameson down on his belly and the kid will be on the other side of the living room within a few minutes. He really wants to crawl. But until then he just rolls where he wants to go, or sort of just sort of wiggles and scoots to get toys he wants. It is amazing. He will now rock back and forth on his hands and knees for a few seconds too. I think Kanan started crawling at 9 months, but don’t remember him doing this stuff this early. I’m wondering if JJ will be crawling sooner.

Growing! I don’t know what he weighs, but he went through like two growth spurts in the last month. He was gobbling down food non-stop, sleeping a lot. All I can say is that he grew right out of his 3-6 month clothing and shot through most of his 6-9 month clothes. He fits into a few of those now, but he is just so long–that he no longer fits in any onesies or jumpers. Only shirts and pants. So I pulled out the 9-12 month box of clothes from the garage yesterday, and oh my—I put him in a shirt and pair of jeans from that box today for church—it fits him perfectly!! That is just crazy, right? A 5 month old fitting into 9-12 month clothes? Maybe the baby clothing companies need to change their sizes for the babies of today. I hear more of this issue than anything. Or maybe size them by weight instead so there is no more of this month thing to throw people off. I’m guessing that Jameson weighs about 20 pounds right now. But still, that doesn’t seem like the size of a 10 month old, does it?  Who knows. Regardless, I am extremely blessed to have so many giving friends. We have yet to really buy Jameson any clothes yet because so many of our friends passed down their stuff. Big shout out to the Taylor’s and the Macejewski’s right now! Jameson is dressing in style this winter! Honestly, I’m okay with onesies for summer because they look cute alone with just naked, chubby legs hanging out of them. But I dont’ care for them with pants. So onesies in the winter are just out. On to shirts and pants. And the clothes just get more stylish once you venture out of onesie land anyway. So he is looking good!

We just love our little baby boy. He is such a blessing from God!




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