JJ is 4.6645 months Old!

Well, Jameson’s four-month birthday came and went September 26th. And I had a doctor’s appointment set up for him on the 3rd, so I said I’d wait to blog so I could get his weight, but we ended up having to cancel the appointment because it didn’t work with Owen’s work schedule that day. Owen is the one who takes Jameson to all of his appointments now. It seems his doctor doesn’t schedule anything after 4 and I cannot get him there before them with my commute from Temecula. So he finally got in on Friday and he’s a healthy little baby, of course. šŸ™‚ I cannot explain how much love I have for this little boy. As does Owen. I literally feel like my heart swells and grows when I see him smileĀ and cuddle with him. I can spend all day just kissing him and hugging him.

Jameson weighed in at 17.4 lbs and 27 inches long, which puts him in the 75th and 90th percentile for weight and height, respectively. His head circumference was like 16 and 3/4, which puts that in the 40th percentile (sorry kid. Looks like you got Mom’s Colombian head. You got Grandpa Jeff’s personality, put his German head is not something you got from Mom.) He still has his Dad’s steel-blue eyes though and that makes us super happy. Still, if they do switch to brown I won’t have to change too much in my song for him. The first line can easily be switched from “Who’s that baby with the dark blue eyes…” to “Who’s that baby with the light brown eyes” without messing up the beat. šŸ™‚


Talking:Ā Well the child likes to hear his own voice and he certainly has a lot to say. And LOUDLY. This child is a squeeler, a yeller, a sigher…you name it, depending on his emotions, he will figure out how to communicate his feelings through his vocal cords. He loves to be loud and he will talk as long as he is awake. Interestingly enough he is not really a crier. I mean he cries. But really its only if he is super tired or super hungry. Otherwise, he’ll communicate his anger or frustration through just yelling. Too funny.

Movement:Ā He can roll from his stomach to his back. He just started rolling from his back to his stomach today. He holdĀ his balance while sitting, but needs to be propped up still. He loves to stand whenever he can—onĀ Mom or Dad’sĀ knees. On his changing table after a change. On the floor during floor play with Mom or Dad. And he loves to roll all over his bed when he is trying to fall asleep. I’ll put him in with his feet facing south. And then I come into check on him and he’s flipped around in the other direction or sideways! And he’s so proud of this achievement as well. He’ll greet me with a huge gaping smile and then kick his legs.

Eating:Ā Yep, he’s starting to eat solids. He is just so interested in my food now. He tries to grab it. He stares at it. He drools over it. So I thought I’d try a little rice cereal and banana on him to see how it went. The kid gobbled it up an cried when I paused for one second to get another spoonful. He didn’t want any time spent without that delicious rubber coated spoon in his mouth. Since then he has eaten peas (another favorite), and avocadoĀ (tolerable). Although we have taken a two-day break from solids because after the avocado, the kid has been constipated. Poor baby. šŸ˜¦ I’m doing bicycle legs and tummy rubs, trying to give him diluted apple juice (to which he doesn’t enjoy so he has only taken an ounce.) I’m hoping for a blow out tonight so we can resume. I think I’ll just give him a little less food next time. I planned on only giving him two or three spoonfuls because it was just “practice.” But he’s had more like two tablespoons worth each night because he just loves eating solids so much. I think his little intestines are just not as excited about eating as much as he is.

Sleeping:Ā Well he started sleeping through the night the day I returned to work. But after two weeks that was over with. He still wakes about twice every night now. He is hungry the first waking which usually comes around 1 AM. And then he wakes again around 4 AM and can quiet down after about twenty minutes of fussing. Not sure why it is so much harder at 4. He sleeps in our room still (we have a pack and play in there) because I don’t want his wakingsĀ to wake up Kanan. But we decided that from now on when KananĀ is at his dad’s, Jameson will sleep in his crib. We are hoping that it will help us sleep better because he makes so much noise between 4 and 5, it is hard to get anything quality. Plus, he may smell me and that might be contributing to his night wakings. We shall see.

Teething:Ā Well he is drooling. He is biting HARD on my fingers. When he smiles, I can see pearls under his gums. So I think he is teething. When those teeth will emerge is the next question. Kanan didn’t get his first tooth until he was 12 months old, just like me. Owen doesn’t know when his first tooth came in. But I have a suspicion that JJ will cut a tooth in the next month or two.

Relationships:Ā Jameson absolutely adores his brother. I actually have to nurse Jameson or bottle feed him in the back room when KananĀ is around because if Jameson’s brother is home, he does not want to take his eyes off of him. He laughs at everything he does. Wants to eat all of his toys. And yells to get Kanan’sĀ attention when he is well….not paying attention to him. KananĀ feels the same love toward Jameson too. He tells me often how much he loves his baby brother. And I love to watch Kanan “parent” Jameson. It is just adorable. šŸ™‚


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