Jameson is 2 months old!

I come to this day bittersweetly (yes, I made up the adverb). I’m sure you understand the mixed feelings a mother may get when seeing her baby get chubby and responsive yet at the same time, that much further away from the newborn he once was. Yet for me, this blog is even more hightened in sensitivity because I am that much closer to having to return to work. I have two more weeks. But I will save the details of this transition for the next blog as the day gets closer. In the meantime, yes, Jameson is 2 months old today. 🙂

What a wonderful feeling to have my heart grow so big. Kanan had such a big portion of my heart and I wondered before Jameson would be born if I would love him as much as I love Kanan. I knew the answer would probably be yes, but I still wondered. And the answer is most definitely yes! I love this little boy so much it makes me want to cry! Overall he is such an easy baby. He doesn’t cry very often. Very go with the flow personality. He doesn’t even really cry during night wakings. He just sort of grunts. Phew!

There are definitely so many things he just loves and hates. He started smiling really early—right around 1 month of age. But since then, it has increased significantly! Now he is smiling all the time and Owen, Kanan, and I are just gobbling it up. The funny thing is, he won’t smile for camera! As soon as that strange black box comes out, Jameson switches from smiles to pursed lips and shadow boxing, no joke! I think the flash was also a bother for him because if I switch it to video I can get him to smile a bit.On the other hand, Jameson refuses to cooperate for tummy time. When tummy time comes around, instead of practicing his push ups and lifting his head, he instead turns his head to the right, whines a mutter or two, and then just resorts to sucking on his fingers or even falling asleep! So, needless to say, he is not gaining the head strength that I was hoping he would gain by this time. *sigh* Oh well! He will do it in his time, right? I’m just hoping the carrying him around over my shoulder will help his head strength enough. As for bath time, I have a little ducking on my hands! He just loves bath time. I lay him down in this little canopy that sits at the bottom of the tub, fill the tub up until there is just a little poos around his bum and legs and then I turn it off. We keep it luke warm, especially in these hot days of summer. Jameson coos and smiles in there. Diaper changes continue to be a joyous time of our day. And given JJ is a poopoo monster, we are there a few times throughout the day. He loves to have his diaper taken off and his lower half exposed and aired out, let me tell you. 🙂 If I ever need a smile or a coo out of him, I know where to take him. Conversely, Jameson HATES his carseat. Thankfully, he doesn’t hate it as much as Kanan did, so it is not a continuous scream the entire time he is in there. Instead, its just crying at first. Then he settles down once we are moving. I can’t wait for him to get enough head strength to put him in my jogging stroller. While in the carseat, he doesn’t enjoy our walks as much as I wish. I think there is only so  much bright sky he can enjoy. He tends to just force himself to go to sleep, so he misses out on a lot when we are out. I don’t think he knows much more than our house because when we go elsewhere in his carseat, he chooses to sleep instead.

As for stats, here we go:

Weight: I don’ t know. I checked it a couple of weeks ago, and he was 12 pounds then. I assume given the standard weight gain that most babies go through around this time that he should be atleast 13 pounds by now. I’m scheduling his 2 month check up this afternoon and so can hopefully update this when I find out.

Milestones: smiles, reaching and hitting dangling toys from playgym, grabbed a toy during tummy time today (could be an accident, wasn’t there to see if it looked conscious), cooing.

Sleep: can fall asleep without needing a pacifier during naps and after night wakings. Really only needs the pacifier to himself down at bedtime (830 pm). 830 is the bedtime he decided on. No matter when he wakes up from his last nap, at 830 if I don’t have him in bed, the boy is actually yelling at me. It is too funny. I bet this could explain his need for a pacifier. Perhaps if I put him down at 8, he wouldn’t need one. I need to be anymore conscious of the time and prepare for an earlier bedtime. As for night wakings, we are starting to see the beginning stages of sleeping through the night in the future. I try and do a dreamfeed at 1030 (doesn’t always happen), and then he usually wakes again at 230 AM and then at 530 AM. About a week ago, one night he slept from 1030 pm to 530 am. And then last night he slept from 930-200 and then from 215-745! woot woot! Now when I return to work in two weeks, if continues to wake up at 530, it won’t hurt as bad because I’ll already be up getting ready. I suppose if that happens then I will just have to deal with the 230 night waking. But if he skips that soon, even if he still wakes at 530, it will be sleeping through the night on my watch….and that ladies and gentlemen, is all that matters. 🙂

Eating: Not sure how much he eats in a typical feeding because he nurses most often. On the times I have bottle fed him, he can drink as much as 4 1/2 ounces. He did that on Saturday.Still, it seems to be that he eats the least during the afternoons. When I try and feed him in the afternoons, he is very fast and often pulls on and off often and will even fuss to let me know he just doesn’t want anymore. Again, I’m not sure how much he is getting, but I can feel the difference in my breasts and can see  that he is not into it. Not sure why. Too hot? Too much going on in the afternoons? He has become much more aware of his surroundings the last couple of weeks as I think his vision has improved. Perhaps he is now easily distracted because of that.

Trips/outings: He has been to Utah, hotels, a dinasoar museum, walks along the beach in Carlsbad, the beach, parks, grocery stores, the pool, restaurants, friends and family’s homes, Kanan’s preschool, church, felloswship group, Comic Con and the S.D convention center, and the trolley.

The Family: Owen adores his son. He cuddles with him by the computer often and share lots of smiling and cooing moments together. 🙂 Owen will be taking over the dreamfeed as well once I return to work, so I can be asleep at 10 pm given my earlier wake time as well as night feeds. Kanan just loves being an older brother. He covers Jameson with so many kisses, JJ has actually slapped him off. Too funny. I’m trying to teach Kanan when enough is enough. 🙂 Kanan is really good with playing with Jameson and taking care of him in the backseat. He has even given JJ bottles when I have been on the road and JJ has been hungry.


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