Jameson’s 2 Week Checkup

According to Dr. Stein, Jameson’s pediatrician, Jameson is doing great! He is supposed to reach his birth weight by 2 weeks but as of this morning he has exceeded it—born at 9 pounds and 2 ounces, he is now 10 pounds and 5 ounces! Yay for supplementing, pumping, lactation consultant visits, the football hold, taking fenugreek herbs, and drinking tons and tons of water! Yes, my milk supply is back up to par. Although Jameson still struggles in the evenings with getting enough milk out when my letdown isn’t as strong because his little tongue tie literally “ties him down.” I prayed about it on the way to the doctor’s office and asked the Lord to guide the visit and show the pediatrician what needed to be done. I would be content with his answer on whether or not to clip Jameson’s frenulum. I then told the pediatrician about my concern. He said he’d look but wouldn’t do anything if it wasn’t that bad. But sure enough, he looked at his little tongue tie and said that indeed, it could be cut back a bit to help his latch. Then he stepped out of the room to grab his instruments, came back in happily humming a tune and clipped JJ’s tongue right then and there. Oh did Jameson scream! But that was it. It bled for a few seconds. The pediatrician showed me how much of a difference just a little trim made on his ability to extend his tongue and then gave him to me to nurse. I immediately put him to my chest and JJ nursed. I noticed a difference in his latch right away! Praise God!

JJ, crashed out on momma's lap.

Given that my supply is back up and JJ is over and beyond his birth weight with a clipped tongue, I am going to stop taking the herbs and see if just regular supply and demand will help me maintain. Plus, I’m tired of smelling like pancakes all the time. That fenugreek just seeps through my pores and it smells exactly like maple syrup! 😛

As for other stats—Jameson is 21 1/2 inches long and is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. The doctor said his circumcision healed “beautifully” and he has a “gorgeous” color. His adjectives made me think of that Seinfeld episode when they all met that ugly baby and the parents kept asking everyone how “gorgeous” they believed their baby to be. Then Elaine’s crush named Ben called the baby “breath-taking.” Of course, my baby isn’t ugly—but still, the adjectives were funny. 🙂


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