29 Week Checkup

Baby’s heart rate: 137

Mommy’s weight gain: 22 lbs to date.

Progression of Pregnancy: 11 more weeks to go! Or 10. Yeah, I could be 30 weeks. Last day of work: April 22

Condition of baby: active to say the least. He kicked me in the ribs for the first time on Monday afternoon. Ugh that hurt!

Condition of mommy: chapped lips are going away= good.  Digestive system has gone awry again= bad. Trying not to get sick as everyone around me comes down with a nasty cold virus, so I’m taking vitamin D3 supplements and have done some research that helped me realize I need to continue with that for the rest of my life. Vitamin D3 is awesome! Also– my hair is getting thicker. I used to shed before I was pregnant, but not anymore. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Kanan. As for the size of my belly—is it just me or am I not way bigger in the belly than I was at this point with Kanan? I don’t know, maybe its just my memory, but I feel like I look bigger. And my decolotage! I finally had to go buy new bras. Went up an entire cup size and and an extra inch in my ribcage!

Condition of big brother: very excited. Loves his little brother. Wants to be at the hospital when I give birth. Doesn’t want me to hurt.

Condition of Dad: sicky poo. 😦


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