Am I 22 Weeks or 23 Weeks? Apparently no one knows!

So I go in for my checkup today with a few questions:

1. The doctors down at UCSD when giving me my level 2 Ultrasound said that my baby’s measurements indicated he was actually 10 days older than we thought and then changed my due date from May 20 to May 10. Do you know this doctor? Will this be the new due date you are following?

2. My belly is a little lopsided, the baby likes to hang out on my right side, and my right side of my belly is now tender. Is this okay?

3. We changed our mind about doing the c-section and would like to opt for the v-back, but can we change our mind  again if it doesn’t look like my body is progressing into labor?


1. My records show they made your due date May 13. Since it is within a week of your original due date, we will not change your due date.

2. Yes, its okay. You’ll be okay. You might itch as it grows. Everything will go back.

3. Yes, you can change your mind again, but we may have a harder time finding a time to schedule the c-section so last minute with all the other doctors there too. But we can do it. Just sign the waiver that says you know there is a 1% chance that you will have a uterine rupture which will cause neurological damage to your child and are still willing to take the chance. Why don’t you take a month to think about it. Otherwise, we schedule you for your c-section on May 13, a week from your due date so you don’t go into labor.

Her answer to number 3 made sense, but not number 1 or 2. Am I due on May 13 or 20? Why can’t they change the due dates? Am I 22 weeks pregnant or 23 weeks pregnant? And then my belly. Ok, its fine. Of course I know it will go back. What does that have to do with it being okay that its lopsided?

Meh…silly stuff.

Anyway, here are my stats:

Estimated due date: May 13-20, but they will stick with May 20. Unless I have a c-section. Then it will be May 13. Even though UCSD said May 10.

Heartbeat/rate: 150 bpm

Next appointment scheduled: Feb 9

Condition of baby: Active and healthy boy! Especially at night!

Food cravings: I officially had a first craving last night. Mac and Cheese. And, even better, I was able to talk my husband into getting out of bed and making it for me at 10 o’clock last night. Thank you hubby!!! 

Other symptoms: stuffy nose and sneezing finally gone! Hip aches, especially on my left side. Back aches, specifically my lower back. Clearer skin. Flakey dry lips. At times, insatiably thirsty. Super hungry all the time! Have suffered from heartburn three times this month! Once so bad, I couldn’t sleep! Triggers include: Hot Cheetos, coffee at night, and eating in bed! I discovered Mylanta and Maalox which helps, but would rather just stay away from the triggers. Crazy, they never caused heartburn before. Something about pregnancy makes you more susceptible I guess.

Nausea: gone!! Well, I still have a strong gag reflex when brushing my tongue, but otherwise, yes—gone!

Fatigue: gone!

Belly size: Definitely look pregnant. Definitely wearing maternity pants. Tried putting on my skinny jeans the other day and assumed I would wear my belly band to help with the fact that they don’t close. Well, the crack of my derrier didn’t want to stay put, so guess that was the last time. Boo! I guess it’s not just the belly that grows. But then again, I already knew that. I just hoped this time  it would be different.

Weight gain: 6 pounds this month for a total of 12-13 pounds so far. I know, 6 pounds is more than the recommended 4 pounds a month. But it was Christmas! People were practically shoving desserts down my face! I will be better this month, I…er…hope.


One thought on “Am I 22 Weeks or 23 Weeks? Apparently no one knows!

  1. They told me too that my estimated due date was May 13th, although it’s still May 18th somehow.. I guess they said if the due date is within a week they don’t change it. I’ve been having major heartburn which is no fun (so bad it makes me nauseous) and I’ve gained about 16 lbs..which is fine I guess. My baby is kicking me like crazy and yes, at night when I lay down. Brendan has fun feeling the little kicks and realizing there’s a person in there! Baby just started kicking as I typed this! Hee hee


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