Almost 18 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Boy Hemsath’s head and profile


It’s a boy!!! Who would have thought? Certainly not Owen or I or most people for that matter. Only one teenage student and our friend Amy said boy. I was sicker this time around it seemed, and more tired, so I assumed that the differences chocked it up to a girl. Nope. Haha! Regardless, I am soooo excited. I cried when I saw the images of him on the screen. And Owen is stoked too. Kanan got to be with us as well and see the baby on the screen.

Little Footsie!

Well, we did figure out a boy name weeks back. It was the girl names we were struggling with (Anayah, Alessandra, Jordan, Genesis, or Allison were possibilities). So as of two weeks ago, our little boy’s name is Mathias James Hemsath. But now that we know it is a boy, Owen would like to put some more thought into the name so I’m not guaranteeing it will stay Mathias James. So until we officially know, we will refer to this munchkin as Baby Boy Hemsath.

Boy Parts are below words on image

As for other updates
Weeks along: almost 18

Estimated due date: May 20

Heartbeat/rate: 154 bpm

Next appointment scheduled: Jan 12

Condition of baby: Active and healthy boy! Baby Boy Hemsath was so active during the ultrasound, the tech could barely get clear image shots.

I know my favorite books for pregnancy help me know what to expect each week. So much of it is right on. But here’s my additional symptoms.

Food cravings: none

Other symptoms: stuffy nose and sneezing constantly! (the nose ring doesn’t help), breathlessness, intense insatiable thirst! Getting up to go to the bathroom one to two times in the night. And feeling more voluptuous in the décolletage area.

Nausea: only a bout once a week in the morning. And perhaps one episode in the evening since my last post.

Fatigue: pretty much gone!!! I feel fabulous!

Baby Boy Hemsath face and skull

Size of belly: starting to wear some maternity pants even though they are too big for me. Discovered stretch pants from Motherhood Maternity that feel like heaven! I would seriously wear these pants every day, all day for the rest of the pregnancy if I could. I actually don’t want to wash them even though I still do because it means I can’t wear them. I don’t know what is in the material if these particular stretch pants but I have never worn pants so wonderful in my life.

Weight Gain thus far: 6 lbs
Condition of father: Quote: ” I have never been so happy in my life. “


2 thoughts on “Almost 18 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Hi Mrs. Hemsath!
    It’s Layne. I know you’re probably questioning how I know you have a blog, but I read tons of blogs and I write two blogs. I can’t remember how I even came across you’re blog, but if you don’t want me to follow it I completely understand. Anyways, I just wanted to say congrats on everything. I for sure thought that it was going to be a girl. But I guess me and Catalina were wrong. But please let me know if you don’t want me to read your blog, because I don’t want to ruin our school relationship.
    Congrats again!!!

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