Something is in the Water

I have four friends who are all about 2 months pregnant! September will be the month for babies this year and I am so excited! Owen and I have had an itch for a baby ourselves lately, but figure God opens and closes wombs so he’ll be the one to decide on that. Even though we are not really trying, we are having a great time practicing and not really not trying, haha! In the meantime, I have four cute little tummies I get to rub over the next 7 months: My friend Kelley, my friend Sarah, my friend Lisa, and my future sister-in-law Meagan! I can’t wait to buy little pink headbands and dresses and tights for the girls and cute blue jeans and fun sneakers for the boys. I can’t wait to smell baby powdered skin and breast-milk burps. I can’t wait to feel their little fuzzy heads, and wrap them up in swaddles and hold them when they sleep. Yep, I’m a sucker for babies. And I’m so happy for the mommy friends and sister-in-law. 🙂


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