New Life

Its no surprise that the new year brings with it feelings of renewal and transcendence. The former year passes away and another born, entering the world for the first time ever. By God’s grace, this new year allows us to start again with it and put away the past with some level of finality…just in the nick of time too!

Theresa and I are pretty excited to put away our pasts and begin a newly married life together as one- especially after spending nearly 3 married months living in different states. The feeling of renewal and transcendence is totally filling our experience as our old lives transition in this united life as one. In the book of Genesis (a book of beginnings) God tells us that it is “for this reason a man will leave his father and mother” (2:24) and the joy that comes from living God’s word is unspeakably good.

Kanan is melting my heart everyday and making it very easy to love him. From making his forts to making his hamburgers, Kanan is running around with a huge smile and these amazing blue eyes and just having a great time. I’m amazed at how he always wants to play. Eating and cleaning and personal hygiene are total inconveniences to him because “i wah play mama”. He never gets bored of playing trucks or trains and loves it when we play with him. Oh, don’t worry. He’ll let us know exactly how he wants to play. Yesterday he told me, “No, your train goes on that side….” Cute.

Theresa has revealed so much beauty in the past two weeks. It’s almost unfathomable. Her intricacies and complexities make her a wonderfully puzzling and beautiful creature. Watching her be a wife, a mama, a teacher, a daughter and sister, really demonstrate God’s love for me- a poor sinner. That He would love me so much to bless me with a woman who is capable of so much is outstanding. From all my years of turning my back on truth, He loves me and shows that love via my wife. At the end of T2 Arnold, as the Terminator, says to John Conner, “I know now why you cry.” After being married for just a few days (it seems) I know now why people cry when they’re happy.

Well, I start what I hope will be an amazing year of broadcast journalism where I will continue to produce short video packages. Although I’m loaded with gen ed classes this semester, I also plan to grow as an apologist by exposing the total fraud of Darwinian evolution as well as educate un-believers in the amazing evidences for the validity of the Word of God. I plan to use ordinary words to expose the scientific data, witness testimony, and tight logic that secular people have supressed in order to push an anti-God agenda and “feels good” science that hypnotizes our culture and schoolchildren. A lot of people close to me are going to have a hard time with what I’m going to show them and I just pray that the Lord blesses this venture for His glory. If that means losing all my facebook friends then so be it.

If we missed you at the reception we’re so bummed- it was a blast. We had a great group of friends who were willing to help us with the DJ, the photographer, and the cake and we’re so grateful for that. We hope to have pics up real soon and will keep you guys posted with all the new stuff. God bless you in this new year and please keep us posted with your prayer requests and fellowship needs.

Live for something real!!

Owen and Theresa.


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