My Post-Wedding Bridal Shower!

232323232fp63237_nu=32_8_8_2_739_WSNRCG=336;3_;64;32_nu0mrjLast Saturday was just wonderful! I showed up to my friend Kelley’s beach house in Oceanside right after I finished supervising the SAT’s and before anyone else was there. This was perfect because I was able to greet everyone who came in and have a couple of minutes to chit-chat with most of them. Kelley’s set up was darling! There were tables set up with appetizers like cheese and crackers, pumpkin bread, and cupcakes, and a veggie platter. There was big glass container of refreshing cucumber, lemon water. And there sat lots of wine. My friend Sheryl brought stuff to make martinis too.

232323232fp63239_nu=32_8_8_2_739_WSNRCG=336;3_;64532_nu0mrjOnce everyone showed up, I looked around the room and just felt overwhelmed with happiness. Some of my family members were able to come–my mother, sister, step-mom Linda, and my Aunt Linda. All four, just wonderful women. Women who are not just my family, but also my friends and who I know love me unconditionally. My friends I made at Oceanside High School were there—not just colleagues, but women I have grown to know on personal level and who are amazing, strong, intelligent, and loving. My friends from church were there—friends from bible studies, fellowship groups, and summer classes in the women’s ministry. Again, all strong and loving, and who I know I could come to with any struggle, and who would love me and mentor me without judgment.

232323232fp63252_nu=32_8_8_2_739_WSNRCG=336;3_;66;32_nu0mrjAnd of course, my friends from my life outside of church and teaching—Lael, who I met in an online education class, Brianne who I’ve known since my early years at Palomar College and seen me go through so much growth over these last ten years, and Brittany, who I’ve known since waiting tables many moons ago. My good child-hood friends Lisa and Bekah couldn’t make it, and I missed them very much. But I know they wanted to be there and that meant a lot to me. And of course, my amazing neighbor and great friend Kelley was there, who I will miss greatly once I move to Vista, but know now, I will make the time to come and drive the 15 minutes to visit her.

232323232fp63254_nu=32_8_8_2_739_WSNRCG=336;3_;65732_nu0mrjI think the reason I felt especially grateful about everyone coming is that four years ago, I wouldn’t have had so many wonderful women in my life. Outside of my family, I had three good friends. Now those three friends are wonderful women and one was even able to make it, but I didn’t see all three very often because of distance, but also because I myself, didn’t make much initiative to get together. And I didn’t have much more friends, because again, I wasn’t doing my part in developing the acquaintances and “baby” friendships I did have. When I renewed my Christian vows January of 2008, I prayed to God to help me get friends. And now flash forward today, and I realize that God answered my prayer over and beyond! What a joy! I thanked all of the wonderful people who took the time to come to my bridal shower AFTER my wedding—women who could have taken it lightly given it was afterward, but didn’t. It brings tears to my eyes truly.


Kelley, my wonderful friend and host.

In Ephesians 3:20–The Apostle Paul writes about God, “Now to HIm who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us …” Yes, God has truly done just that. I prayed for a wonderful husband and he gave one who is more than I could ever dream! I prayed for a few good friends, and he filled a beach house with them.

Thank you Kelley, for being such a great friend and volunteering to throw this happy event for me without being asked. I love you girl. 🙂


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