Praise Report

As always, the Lord is good. He blessed me with a job offer from Temecula Unified today. But I must say, it was a roller coaster of a day. My poor adrenals never knew it so bad. It all started Monday when my colleagues approached me with an article in the newspaper reporting that our district will be able to hire 28 teachers back for a one year temporary contract. But then we figured, if we had to hear about it from a newspaper, we probably weren’t any of the 28. Well then as I was walking through the office, our school secretary told me that the principal wanted to talk to me. I went into his office and he proceeded to tell me that he may have some good news for me on Wednesday morning so that if Chapparal High School called me wanting me to sign a contract, to tell them to wait. I asked him how he knew I interviewed for a position with Chapparal High School and he said that they had called asking for a reference on me that morning, good sign. So for the last couple of days, I thought I might have a choice. So many pluses and minuses lined up for both schools. But how awesome it would be to have a choice, even though I didn’t really know what I would pick. I silently hoped God would just open one door because if two were opened, he would literally have to shout the answer down from Heaven in order for me to know which one he wanted.

This morning I come to school and open my email to find an email from our director of human resources. I wasn’t one of the 28. She recommended I take Temecula’s offer. So all day, I’ve been waiting for my administrators to finish calling back the school and giving their recommendations for me. And all the while, I am worrying about whether or not they would be good enough and whether or not they had wanted me or were deciding between me and someone else. But by three o’clock I still didn’t have a call and I began to think that I just didn’t get the position. Wouldn’t they know by now?

So I did what any stressed woman would do—I went and got a pedicure and bought a new outfit. And as I was paying for my clothes, my phone vibrated. I had a message. It was Temecula Unified, offering me a job. The message was left at 5:05. I returned the call at 5:35 to hear Chris, the gentlemen on the other end of the phone tell me that things had changed over the last 25 minutes and that the position may not even be available anymore for me to take as enrollment had decreased at one of the sister high schools. He said he’d have to call me back. I couldn’t help but laugh. This was getting ridiculous and I didnt’ have any tears left. But 20 minutes later, he did call me back, informing me that the position was still indeed available. And of course, I said yes. One door opened. Another closed. God might as well have shouted down from heaven, right?

Temecula, oh hot Temecula, here I come.


One thought on “Praise Report

  1. Hi Theresa,

    I don’t know whether you remember me; we used to work together at the Writing Center at Cal State San Marcos. I found your blog through a link on Amy Bolaski’s blog. Congratulations on getting hired by Temecula Unified!



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