2009–a year of change

Just within the last two days, so much has changed for so many of the people I know and love.

1. I got offered a job with Temecula Unified.

2. One of my friends just got engaged.

3. Another friend of mine just found out she is pregnant.

4. Another friend just reunited with his father after some time of estrangement.

5. Another friend’s family has reunited after 15 years of broken relationships and estrangement.

6. Another friend just learned she is moving to Europe for two years.

And that is just the last two days. Over the last couple of months, my brother has broken up with his long term girlfriend, been laid off, and finally rehired. My mother has found work after months of unemployment. My cousin’s biological family found her after 29 years. And one of my good friend’s passed the first step in her application process for the FBI.

So the change has been good for everyone, even if it took us through some roller coaster rides. If I get too analytical and I might start stressing about what will happen in 2010, but I am choosing instead to enjoy the change set forth for me in the next year, without knowing what will happen thereafter. And for everyone else as well.


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