What a Difference Between Acrylic and Pastel Paints!


Pastel Version #1

 So about 2 1/2 years ago, I decided to leave my world of graphite pencil drawings and dabble in paints. I was ready for color but afraid to go all the way. I figured I would not have a clue as to what to do with a brush, so I decided pastel paints would be a good happy medium. I could still use my fingers because the painter really draws on the paint and then smudges it with tools or finger (the oils in my skin seemed to mix with it well and spread it better). I had a great time with pastel. I painted a silhouette of a girl rocking out to music for my friend Brianne. I painted a self-portrait during the summer when I had no one but myself to paint some days, and I painted a tree and then a picture of Mike and I the summer I was pregnant with Kanan.
acrylic version #2

acrylic version #2

But things soon changed when I painted a picture of a moon and a sun inspired by a story written by someone dear to me. I painted it in one night and I was so proud of it. But then after a few days, the colors seemed to fade and I yearned for something bolder and more detailed. I was ready for acrylics. So I when off and did it. I headed to the supply shop and bought everything I needed including canvas. I set out to duplicate that sun and moon painting but make it bolder and more detailed. Well I did. It is my first acrylic painting so for you professionals out there, don’t laugh. But I’m happy with the changes and want to show everyone the difference between the two mediums. I can get so many more layers of detail with the acrylic paint.




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