Wine Tasting

march_earlyapril-2009-015If you count Boones Farm and Wild Vines, then I have started dabbling in the wines when I was 16. But anyone who really knows wine, knows that can’t count. With that, I officially started drinking wine when I was 20 years old and discovered Merlot at my first “sophisticated” party in college. My relationship with Merlot lasted about 5 years until I discovered Cabernet Sauvignon. It tasted fruitier, dryer, less oakey, and more alcoholic.   So since then, that has been my default wine. Now don’t get me wrong, I have tried many wines. I’ve tried many whites and many reds but it is difficult to determine my preference for one or another without tasting them one after the other and comparing. So one would wonder why I didn’t go wine tasting to learn more about the fine drink, but life just hasn’t worked that way for me. So it was not until 9 years into my love for wine as of last Friday that  I was able to finally compare.

My good friend Kelley turned 40 and she took her VIP crew (that included me, yipeey!) on a limo-driven, wine tasting adventure through Temecula. We all are teachers funny enough and used our “personal business” leave to take off for the day. We got to sleep in, then meet at Kelley’s for bagels with creme cheese, mimosas and bloody mary’s, and chick chat. Then our very young limo driver showed up and we were off. We went to Callaways, Longfellows, and another one whose name I don’t remember….hmmm.

But what I do know is that I determined these three things over the course of the day:

  1.  I pretty much don’t like most white wines. Especially if they are sweet or oakey which pretty much leaves them all out. The only one I remember liking was the Sauvingnon Blanc.
  2.  I love, Love, LOVE Zinfindale!
  3.  I think it would be fabulous to be married in vineyard. In the fall would be even better. 🙂

I learned these two things:

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon is a natural hybrid between Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Pretty fitting for me given my taste in white wine.
  2. I do actually have the courage enough to give my phone number to tall, good looking, Christian, wine connoisseurs like the 27 year old Jared I met at winery #2.  (That is indeed a first for me. I always wait to be asked…haha).

On our way home, we danced in the car to various songs from the last 30 something years. Hilarious time. Bethany cracks me up the most. Between the dancing, the jacuzzi, and the lost purse—twas an adventure for sure.

So—to anyone who has not gone wine tasting, I do recommend it. I had a great time and would love to do it for my 30th, but hopefully then I will the love of my life on my arm—which in that case would have to make the trip co-ed.


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