Kanan Turns Two!

3346189558_17b634d02bHis birthday party was awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who came and for those who couldn’t come, we missed you! Kanan loved all of his friends, jumping on the jumper, playing in the park, hitting the pinata, and of course eating his cake. He loves all of his presents too. You all spoiled him! 🙂 Thank you again, so much. I wish I could have talked more with everyone who came, but Kanan did seem to have a bad case of Mamitas on his birthday so he kept me busy. I’ve posted some pictures on my Flickr account so check it out to the right.

I heard a lot of guests commented on how divine the cake was, which is exciting because my good friend Rebekah Gusman made it. If you ever want to order cakes, cupcakes, or entrees (she is a personal chef !) from her, she offers great prices and delicious meals. As a matter of fact, when I had Kanan, she made me almost two weeks worth of amazing meals, which she she packaged and gave to me to keep in the freezer. So after having a c-section, I just had to pop the meal in the oven (she provided the temps and times too). This was such a great help and I’ll never forget her for it.  You can find her at www.cravepcs.com.

 Kanan said the cake was “yummy” and has been saying even more since then. He has developed in language and in growth since two weeks ago when I bragged about him. Within the last two weeks, he can say “mano” (animal), “oh man!”, “oh dude,” “Hailey,” “Nono” (for his friend Nolan), “Rara” (Grandma), and “C-Duck” (for his Uncle C-dog, real name Chris).  He is also starting to play a little make believe. He excitedly fed juice to his Manny doll given to him on his birthday by his Great Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Bernie. He also has these miniature father, mother, and child that he sets up and puts in his trucks. He also has them hug and kiss all the time. He calls them “Mama” “Dada” and “baby” too, so I was a little intrigued as to why he puts “Mama” in the back of the truck, while “Dada” and “baby” get to ride in the driver and passenger seats. Hmmmmmm 😛 Well, regardless, it is so cute. Especially since he hasn’t taken Mike’s and my seperation in a negative way or even shown it in his reinactment of a family with his little dolls (except for putting Mama in the back of the truck part I mean) . That makes me happy.

It is crazy to believe that a year ago my little boy who weighs now about 31 pounds was born. He is such a joy and with every milestone, he just gets better and better.


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