Stomach Flu Has Sucked My Thirst to Write

I’ve been meaning to write for over a week now and had planned to spend tonight going over my newest reflections on everything from my son to love to education and politics. But here I am tonight, stomach still not quite right from my Saturday night and Sunday spent hugging my toilet, and I have absolutely nothing to say. Perhaps if I cover some general or random stuff that comes to my brain I can get something  jump started. Here I go and I apologize if this sounds crazy but I’m trying really hard here to pull out something genius.

  1. My friend Lael wrote a truly inspiring reflection on her life and how she has become the woman  she is today. She prompted me to write mine and I thought about it for about 20 minutes. I realized I had too much to say and obviously given my brain feels like sludge,  thought I would dig through the virtual files I had in my computer of prior life reflectios and send her one of those.  Unfortunately, none of my reflections analyzed who I am today, only who I was up to about 4 years ago. I guess once I started this blog, I really haven’t written anything reflective about why I have become the woman I am now. Note to self—add this to list of things to write about. Next to the story about the time I brought a dead bird to school and the time I slept alone in an airport in San Francisco.
  2. Just read that Chris Brown may have hurt his girlfriend Rhianna. Odd that I never heard the guy’s name before earlier today when one of my students was talking about how cute he is. This is the same student who can’t read and who comes to class with hickeys on her neck from a gang member boy who got his last girlfriend pregnant. This of course, makes me like Christ Brown all the more regardless of whether or not the rumors about Rhianna are true. (insert sarcastic smile here for readers who don’t know me well enough to know I am joking).
  3. Saw the press release interview with our President Barack Obama. I actually think he made some pretty good points and arguments for his stimulus bill among other topics.
  4. It hailed tonight. That was cool.
  5. Even cooler was when I held Kanan as we walked from daycare to my car and the wind was really picking up—my hair all over the place, and Kanan said “Is winny!”
  6. Winnie the Pooh—-who would name their stuffed bear after a turd? Is there something I’m not getting?
  7. Last nights Grammy’s were supposed to be all about hip-hop. Apparently it was more about country music.
  8. Taylor Swifts song “Fifteen”….where was that song when I was fifteen? So perfect for that age.
  9. Going to get my hair cut and highlighted this Thursday. Now I can stop wearing my hair in a ponytail and actually do something cute with it.
  10. Actually contemplated getting breast implants a few weeks ago. Then looked up the cost on-line and decided I didn’t want them bad enough to spend $6000 dollars on them. Instead, I’ll get some microdermabrasian on my acne scars around my mouth and cheeks and go to Victoria’s Secret for a great bra.

Alright, that is all I have. Sorry. Nothing Genius. I wonder if I depleted my brain of oxygen while I was vomiting. That would explain a lot.


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