Enjoying MLK Jr Day

martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-weekend-2009-006Today was such a wonderful day! Aside from Kanan waking me up at 530 this morning, it really was grand. And thankfully I own a delicious blend of espresso I bought at Sprouts and my favorite creamer in the world–Italian Sweet Creme, so I was able to make it through the 530 A.M wake up. Kanan and I started our morning off cuddling in bed for about a half hour and then cuddled on the couch and watched Martha Speaks and Clifford on PBS while I woke up with my morning cup of java. We then had breakfast, went for a walk, and played at the park. Kanan climbed up the rope ladder about three times in a row all by himself. He is so cute when he says “up, up, up”  every time he moves his feet up each rung.

The real fun came in mid-morning when we went to Lake San Marcos and fed bread crumbs to the ducks. Kanan spent more energy eating his white bread than throwing it into the lake, but he certainly enjoyed watching the ducks while he munched and did throw a few crumbs here and there.

martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-weekend-2009-025Afterward we went to my sister’s house and Kanan ran around with his cousin Harley for about an hour before passing out for his afternoon nap. My sister, Grandma, Dad, and Linda chit-chatted a bit. Then I napped too to catch up after waking up so early. After Kanan woke up, my dad, grandma, and Linda left for downtown Carlsbad to snoop around. Kanan was great. He snacked on cookies from Starbucks, played with his toys in his stroller as we walked the streets, pointed and smiled at cool decorations at a local import shop, and ate well at Coyote Bar and Grill where we ate dinner. The salsa there was delicious and Kanan liked the salsa so much, he ate all the salsa I poured on his plate and then when he finished, grabbed the salsa dish, pulled the straw out of his water and started slurping it up! No joke and I promise you no one at the table initiated martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-weekend-2009-049that! My salsa loving son came up with that brilliant idea all by himself! He then saw a little boy in the next booth and decided to talk with him in his little baby talk. I’m not sure all what he said, but I did hear “truck” and “shoe” and Kanan did kick out his foot and point to his shoe as he told the little boy all about it.

He is sleeping well now, clean from his bath and teeth brushing, and warm from his blankets and his first pillow. I blessed him before he went to sleep. What a joy it was to spend the day with my family today and of course, watch my son grow and learn and laugh.


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