If 2012 Gloom and Doom Prophecies are True, It Could Take Days for the Withdrawls to Subside

…because I have joined the Iphone/BlackBerry “crackberry” technology-dependent cult. And any one of you “old schoolers” who roll your eyes at me and say “oh no, not her too,” let me give you my reasoning. I carry a large purse. Why? Well apart from it being fashionable, it worked for me because I need space to carry my day planner, my camera, my phone, and my ipod along with all the other stuff women keep in their bag full of tricks sans a pacifier, a Thomas the Train, wipes, and an extra diaper (okay, that’s only Saturday through Tuesday, but you get my mommy humor).  So needless to say, I have been eyeing the Iphone specifically because I knew it would easily work well with my itunes and my ihome player in my bedroom. I definitely wanted to wait, however, because it is a bit pricey compared to other phones, especially since my phone company demands a monthly Internet package when hooking up an iphone. But when I lost my phone last week, I knew I would have to hasten our inevitable union/love-affair. And so it was Thursday that my Iphone and I met. We have been getting to know each other over the last few days and I must say, he is everything I thought he’d be and more. I have now condensed my day-planner, camera, phone, and ipod into one device. I bought a holder for it that even has a slot for my ID/credit card so I can actually just leave my purse in the trunk when I want to travel light (although hanging my keys from my jeans belt loop isn’t very classy, but hey…sometimes I just don’t care). The added bonus is that I was able to sync my iphone with my Yahoo contact list and so when I inputted everyone’s telephone numbers into my iphone, my Yahoo contacts showed up with the same info. So God-forbid I lose my phone again, I will no longer have to bombard you with funny stories and excuses about why I need your phone number again.

So according to the History Channel, “some” researchers believe that on Winter Solstice 2012, the alignment of the planet and the solar system could freeze our telecommunications. By that time, I will have been used to and reliant on my amazing technological device for almost four years….oh yeah, I’ll be so upset. 😉


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