I’m Officially a Victim of Spammer/Telemarketing Scumbags: but not the first time I’ve had some information stolen from me

Thank God I haven’t been swindled out of money like my cousin or have had my identity stolen like when I was 21 although I just might get a credit report and double check. It all started after the first of the new year. The only thing I can think of which could have set everything off is that I changed my wireless account. This perhaps took my name off of the National Do Not Call Registry because within a day or two of doing this, I became bombarded with telemarketing calls from various companies, some calling me as often as four times in one day. When I did answer the phone to one of them, they said  they heard I was interested in their services. I said I wasn’t and asked them how they heard this. They said I filled out a form on the Internet. I said I didn’t. I asked them if this form had any other information about me besides my phone number and they said yes, an email address. I asked them for the email address. It was an email address with my first name but with a domain name I had no idea existed. I was very upset. The lady said she’d take my name off their list. So how did a spammer get a hold of my phone number and my first name so they could begin filling out forms in my name to get telemarketers to call me? The telemarketers have to be buying these phone numbers from people who are payed to get a hold of phone numbers and first names and then fill out forms using them and then creating fraudulent email addresses with their first names. I just pray to God they don’t have my last name or any other information. I just might change my website address to this WordPress account for that very reason.

After this disturbing conversation with this telemarketer, I immediately reregistered my number on the NDNCR and then checked out this domain with which I supposedly registered an email account. I called the company and they said they couldn’t disclose any information about the person who set up the account or when they did unless I filled out a subpoena at the police department which could release this information. She did, however, freeze the email account for me. So now I need to go down this week and fill out this form and get to the bottom of this.

My other spammer issue is a separate one entirely, not as disturbing, but annoying nonetheless.  I also am having to finally close my junkmail email account (the email account I use when joining or visiting any websites that are not important to my livelihood) after 12 years. Some spammers have gotten a hold of my email address and are using it to spam people. I have hundreds of emails everyday that are “delivery failure notices” to people I have never emailed. When I read the email I supposedly sent, its a spam email. Grrrrrr. So I just spent an hour now going to all my websites like facebook and babycentral and ebay and have had to change my email address to another junkmail account I recently created. Now I am going to erase my old treesa184 email address and start anew.

southparkarrestedtheresaThis is getting way too close in similarity to the time in my life when I was 21 and had my purse stolen by a prostitute in a dirty dive bar in Escondido. The woman memorized all the information on my drivers licence, used my canceled credit cards as other forms of identification and then after she was arrested for returning stolen merchandise at a mall nearby two months after she stole my purse, presented my drivers licence to the police officers. So she was arrested under my name until three days into her detention an intelligent police officer looked at this 300 pound woman (150 pounds of which was in her rear-end alone) and looked at the buck twenty younger woman on the ID and thought it didn’t add up. He looked up my name and found my police report I made about my purse being stolen. I had to go down and identify the woman. She was charged with stealing merchandise and impersonating me, but unfortunately didn’t get charged with stealing my purse because I couldn’t verify with 100 percent certainty that she was the same woman who stole my purse. I told them I could if I could see her rear-end in a line up instead of just looking at her mugshot. They declined. I told them 75% based on her face. Guess that wasn’t enough.

It might be time for me to set up some extra sensitive measures on my credit report like I did when this woman stole my purse. It was a 7-year screening on any credit inquiries about me. Can’t be too careful.


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