Happy New Year 2009!

sdc11399Happy New Year everyone! I know the news in the world makes 2009 seem pretty glum, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one! I really do. I pray that everyone of you are blessed this year despite any subconcious fears about our jobs or houses or debt.  I know that may be easier said than done, but there is something to thinking positive and so I’m sticking with it, and you should too. :) And I am further stoked to have looked back at my New Years Resolutions from last year and find that I succeeded in reaching half of them! That is a first! So, Since I’m on the upswing here, here is the list for 2009. So now that you know them, you all better call me on it when I am not following through. I need reinforcement! :)

Bad Habits To Stop:

1. Worrying so much (this has gotten much better since I’ve received so much peace knowing God is in charge, but I still have not kicked it entirely because I’m still wrestling with him for control sometimes :P)

2. Sleeping on my stomach ( I got out of the habit when I was pregnant, but this month started at it again).

Things I Would Like to Accomplish This Year:

1. Improve my painting skills (I’ve moved beyond pastel, and am venturing into acrylic and oil paints!)

2. Take a yoga class atleast once a week

3. Take Kanan on at least one vacation

4. Resolve my love life or at least become content with my lack thereof

5. Continue to work in the drama ministry through my church

6. Pay off my car loan

7. Find an effective but loving way of disciplining Kanan and of course to continue to teach him good things!

Spiritual Goals for the Year:

1. Read the entire bible this year (I have a “one year bible” and am starting today! I read the entire new testament last year and a few books from the old testament, but this time I want to do it all! 🙂 )

2. Allow the Holy Spirit to use me to help someone come to Christ.

3. Grow closer to God


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