Another Year Older and Still Thankful

3079249804_171b5d6e22Thanksgiving and my birthday always seem to go together in association. Every couple of years my birthday will even land on Thanksgiving. This year, however, it landed on black Friday. Still–when I think of my birthday, because its so close to Thanksgiving, I think about the past year of my life, the good and the bad. Then I give my thanks for the good and think about how to make light of the bad.

So as of now, I have lived 29 years and I must say, this year it finally shows. Sure, I have been plucking the three white hairs I have from my crown the last few years, but this year, something extra special has happened. Yes—on birthday I did not get carded. I ordered a glass of wine at PF Changs with my mother, my friend Lael, and my brother and his girlfriend. I did not say it was my 29th birthday. The bartender wanted everyone’s ID’s but mine and my mother’s. I laughed…it happens, right? Then on Saturday, when I had my big birthday dinner with all my beloved friends and family—I did not get carded. Nor did I get carded afterward when a small group of us went out for cheese and wine. And then on Sunday when I went grocery shopping–I bought a bottle of wine for when my friend Bethany comes over for dinner—and they did not card me then either. One time here and there can be a fluke. But four times in a row?—well that is two things. One–I officially look old enough to not get carded. And two—I drank too much this last weekend. Both of these things I am not used to. One I will have to get used to. And the latter will go back to normal now that my birthday weekend is over. Who knows—maybe the fact that in the last year, I’ve recovered from my dogs being malled half to death, Kanan’s back-to-back ear infections, moving out of the barrio, moving out of the beach house in the rain on the coldest weekend in December, separating from Mike, moving out of his house, moving in with my sister, practicing being a single working mom, moving out of my sister’s house, and moving in with my folks, and now continuing to mother and work and be alone. Yeah, I think that might add a couple of wrinkles to one’s eyes, a prominent frown line, and somehow through it all—a permanent laugh line on the right side of my mouth. (wink wink…..but not too much! Don’t want to make the fourth crow’s foot show! 😀 ) But that was the negative—and there is still much to be thankful for.

1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who wooed me back into his loving arms and has since blessed me soooo much! He answers so many of my prayers and lets me know when I need to wait on others. Who also continues to convict me of my daily wrongs and shows me how to change and be more like him.

2. My loving family who gives me strength and encouragement.

3. My amazing son who has taught me how to love with Jesus’s agape love he asks of us.

4. My wonderful friends who love me for who I am.

5. My two newest friends Lael Lloyd and Kelly Cook—both answers to my prayers.

6. The opportunity to pay off my debt and save money for my own place while living with my folks temporarily.

7. The opportunity to have my Grandmother Lois now live so close;  I now have a weekly date with her on Thursdays. So awesome!

8. My job—during such a terrible time in the economy, I could easily be one of the many who have lost their jobs, but by God’s grace, I am still working.

9. Gas prices dropping! Yipeee!

10. The time to be able to write, paint, and now act again—something I’ve been wanting to do again for years! My church performs “Christmas Cliche” in a couple of weeks. I am so excited and thankful to be in such a powerful and fun play.

Alright 30, I can handle you. Give me your worst or your best. I’ll make the most of it!


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