Exploring a New Side of Writing

So obviously I write. That’s a given. But since I returned to church after 13 years or so of absence, I have begun to try out a new side of writing that I didn’t know I had. It started out a month or so ago when my friend Kelley asked me to write a sketch for a special event through the Women’s Ministry at my church.  I said okay but was a bit scared. I have never written anything that could be performed. But after learning about the message of the event, I went to work and then I acted it in it along with another woman. It went well! It felt great to feel the Lord working through me to write out a sketch that would speak to women’s hearts and teach them where they need to grow spiritually. I had a number of women approach me afterward with their thoughts all of which were great. I kept saying–“It was the Lord! Thank him!” Because honestly, this is not my gift. I write. I act. But I don’t write pieces to be acted out.

Well, since then, I have been asked by another woman in the Women’s Ministry to write another sketch for a big Women’s Retreat coming up in October. I told her I need two weeks. I prayed. I waited. Nothing came. I was starting to ponder whether or not I should tell her, it just wouldn’t work out. But three days before I was suppose to have come up with something, ideas flooded my mind and I went to work. I am so excited about this next sketch. There will be no words. It will rely on just acting and it will be set either to a song by Barlow Girl called “I need you to love me” or “Times” by Tenth Avenue North. While I feel the lyrics of “Times” are more powerful, I feel the female vocals of “I Need You To Love Me” will fit the women’s theme a bit more.  The message is about love obviously, but about the mission of our church: to love God, to love each other, and to love the lost. We worked out getting the actors. I needed six of them. I will be acting in one of the lead roles and I’m assuming directing the sketch given I wrote it and have it all set in my head as to how I want it to look in order to send the message I feel God wants women in our church to know. But I am just so excited to be tapping into something that I didn’t know I had. And perhaps I didn’t have it until now. Through God, anything is possible.

In the end, the success of this sketch will be by its fruit. It would be an honor and a blessing to move the women at the retreat to live a life that reflects God’s character. I will try and get a video clip of it when it is all said and done. I wish I had videotaped the last one, but oh well.


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