I Truly am Crooked

I laugh when I think of all the things crooked or lopsided about me. My chiropractor says everyone has a side. My right side is my gimpy side. All things crooked are on that side.  

1. my second toe (makes a right turn and dubbed my nickname)

2. my hair (went to bed one night when I was 12 with straight hair and woke up the next morning with curly hair…..and stretch marks!)

3. my tongue (If I stick it out, it curves to the right!)

4. my back (Some people have an S, I have a C and guess where are the muscles tighten around the curve? You got it! The right. 🙂 )

5. my hips— (tilted and pivoted baby—hence the C-curve in my spine to compensate. )

6. my eyes –yep, my right one is a bit squinty when I focus or smile.

7. my ears— (my right ear sticks out a bit more—call me an elf or a monkey, but only on one side. 😛 )

8. my feet— can you believe that my right foot is an entire half-a-size larger than my left? It is!

9. my gut— (gah! After my cessarian section with Kanan, my gut got twisted. A colonoscopy actually diagnosed me with tortuous somethingorother. 😮 )

10. my pinky fingers! ( I swear I broke them both and don’t remember. They zigzag! )

So honestly, with all the crookedness going on in this body, one can guess while my thoughts can be so random as well. And don’t look at me too close, you might find that I’m nothing like what you saw at first glance.


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