Fireman Kanan

Kanan and Fireman Garret pose for Mommy

Kanan and Fireman Garret pose for Mommy

A local Fire Department just opened today and so families eveywhere came to the gorgeous property to watch the ceremony, eat hotdogs and cotton candy, take tours, sit inside the firetrucks, experience smoke simulations and learn safety tips, as well as dress up in fireman clothes.

Kanan and I got there around 11 o’clock and endured the humid morning by keeping ourselves occupied with the excitement of the fire department. Kanan did all the above minus the food. He really enjoyed getting behind the wheel of one of the firetrucks. And during the smoke simulation, when Fireman Garret told us to get on our knees and crawl out of the house, Kanan decided to lay down in a yoga position coincidentally called “child’s pose” until we gave up our Kanan calls and I picked him up and carried him out of the “fire.” It was funny. Later I waited for 15 minutes in line with my spirited child (mother’s of spirited children understand what I’m taking about) to get a cool plastic fireman hat, but learned they ran out just two people ahead of us. We then decided to leave for lunch instead of wait in the much longer line for free hotdogs.

Here is a cute picture of Kanan. Feel free to see more through the Flickr thumbnails down below. He doesn’t look impressed, but he did enjoy himself. He just didn’t like holding poses for his silly mom and her darn camera.


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