All Dad, but with Mom’s “Gift” for Words

Kanan made a linguistic leap this last week in his communication. He is pure boy and just like his father in that he LOVES being outside, water, and wheels. But he just might be a chatterbox like myself. In the last update I had given a list of words he could say, but the list DOUBLED in the last week! Here is the updated list with the new words in italics. We are sooooo impressed and of course, we think our child is brilliant. Doesn’t everybody? (Winks)

Kanan’s Words

  1. Mom (mum)
  2. Dad (dada)
  3. doggy (duggy)
  4. kitty (kitty)
  5. car (cah)
  6. light (light)
  7. flower (flohwr)
  8. Yes (yuh or yah)
  9. Can I have that? (canahada?)
  10. cracker (cacka)
  11. choo-choo train (coo-coo or coo-coo chen)
  12. Grandma (Gama) 
  13. Night Night (nana)
  14. basketball (basketball).

Some words that he understands, but doesn’t use are “no,” “are you hungry?,” and “eyes.” When I read a book, I ask him “where are baby’s eyes?” and he points at baby’s eyes. It is so cool. When I ask him if he’s hungry, he will either get all excited and look toward the kitchen or even say “ya” or if not, he will just talk to me in his babytalk about something I don’t understand but is obviously not food. If we say “no” he stops and stares and then he either listens and stops or he will slowly do it while watching us in order to test if we are serious or not. The little booger!


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