Kanan update–14 months on May 11th!

I used to be so good at writing our updates on Kanan, but it seems 2008 has brought on a lot more changes than anyone anticipated, and this of course, keeps us busy. But so much has blossomed in the life of Kanan, I just had to share. First, he is running now. It is more like a penguin run than a bent-kneed run, but he is fast nonetheless. He loves climbing up and down stairs, so I have to constantly follow him to make sure he doesn’t fall. He does a good job. Other new milestones Kanan has reached include stacking, connecting big leggos, playing his drums regularly, turning pages and pointing at the pictures and even words, picking up large toys and carrying them everywhere, initiating peekaboo games with his favorite blankey all by himself, throwing and chasing after balls, holding the telephone to his head and then holding it directly to his mouth when he wants to talk, feeding us his finger foods, stabbing his own food with a fork or sometimes managing to pick a piece up with a spoon, putting objects into holes, trying to stand on his head (feet down….look at the picture), climbing into his own stroller to communicate that he wants to go, trying to stick his chubby feet into his shoes by himself (only to fall in the process), clicking his tongue, brushing his own teeth, and sticking objects into bigger objects. He loves going for walks in his stroller and picking flowers. He can even say “flower”! His newest and most favorite word of all time is “Cah” (car). He is obsessed with cars. It is all he wants to play with. Well that and balls, but only the bouncy ones. He can also say “light,” “kitty,” “dat?,” “duggy,” “mum,” “dad,” and a bunch of other stuff we don’t undersand but sound like real words! We go to the park often and Kanan can now slide down the slide by himself. I put him at the top and he pushes himself down and just laughs and squeels in delight until he reaches the bottom where I catch him.

Mike has finally talked Kanan into wearing sunglasses. He looks adorable in them. I wish I had a photo, but I don’t. I will try and take one soon. Mike and Kanan do a lot together. Mike takes Kanan to a gymnastics class on Mondays where Kanan gets to tumble around with other 1-year-olds. He also goes to the library on Tuesdays and listens to a story and sings songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with other children and their mommys. Just call Mike “Mr. Mom.” I’m so jealous that Mike gets to see Kanan during the day like that while I am at work, but luckily, I have summers off so I will be able to join in the fun soon. Mike and Kanan will be taking a swim class for 1-year-olds in a couple of weeks so that will be exciting too. In the meantime, Kanan cools off by wading in the shallow waves at the beach or wading in the kiddie pool my sister and I have in the front driveway. Kanan LOVES water!

Kanan is a good eater. He is done with all bottles now. He stopped about a month ago. He loves his sippy cup and drinks his whole milk or water out of that. He finally figured out how to drink from a straw so that makes dinner-outings much easier, especially when we leave his sippy cup at home. He doesn’t like most vegetables though–only sometimes he will eat avacado, canned carrots, or cherry tomatos. I have to puree his vegetables and sneak it into his food via the guiding recipes of Jessica Seinfield to get him to eat them, but I continue to give him visible ones on the side in hopes he adapts. Still, compared to most mommy’s I talk to whose kids won’t eat much of anything, we count ourselves quite blessed. Kanan’s chunky thighs tell us he is doing just fine.

Overall, Kanan is growing into a big and happy little boy. Mike and I are so inlove with him, it is ridiculous. He does something new everyday.

P.S–It is Mikey’s 32nd Birthday today!!! Wish him a good one!


One thought on “Kanan update–14 months on May 11th!

  1. Sounds like Kanan is one busy guy. So smart too!
    It wasn’t that long ago when Alex was just starting to do all that sutff. Thank you for the reminder of how precious each thing they do is.
    We hope to see you soon! Miss you love!


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