Kanan First Birthday!

birthday-cake-closeup.jpgOn March 11th he will be one, but we celebrated his birthday this Saturday. He had a great time at Chuck E Cheeses! Kanan was very excited to see all of his friends and family. The funnest part was watching him eat his chocolate cake. He sat on his Auntie Lisa’s lap and gobbled it up like he hadn’t eaten in a month. And when the entire slice was gone, he screamed and cried because he wanted more. I actually had to pull him away to get him to forget. It was so sweet. Besides the moment when he had to part with his chocolate cake, Kanan was cheerful and full of energy. We were worried that he would be ready for a nap before it was over, but the chocolate and the lights and people really charged him up. He didn’t take a nap until 4 oclock that afternoon! Then Mike and I headed off to my high school reunion. That blog will be coming soon.  Thanks everyone who came to Kanan’s first birthday party. We are really blessed to be able to share these joyful memories with you.


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