Kanan is a toddler!

He took his first steps last night even though he was miserably sick with an ear infection and flu.

 I know this looks staged, but it isn’t. I pulled out the video camera because he had just taken a couple of steps and of course, I wanted it on film. Right after I turned it on, Mikey came home without knowledge of what was happening. Earlier yesterday I was telling a colleague that I worried Kanan would take his first steps at day care and I would miss it. Well, Kanan was nice enough to save it for home. And we couldn’t be any more ecstatic!


2 thoughts on “Kanan is a toddler!

  1. GO KANAN! Isn’t it exciting? Xander still makes me laugh and smile like a giddy school girl everytime he tries to take independent steps. It just doesn’t get old!

    I love all the new videos. Kanan is simply adorable. You must get compliments on him constantly.


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