Kanan is 9 months Old!

8-months-week-3-and-4-006.jpgWhile Kanan has been sick for the last half of this month, he is still reaching milestones and is in good spirits. He can stand without support and balance on his own for a good 5 seconds and Mike told me today that he stood by himself for a good 30 seconds last night. He is also starting to push his toys along the floor as he shuffles behind upright on his knees. (Note to self: add push toys to Kanan’s Christmas list). Just this morning he found his favorite puppet Mr. Cat and picked it up and hugged it affectionately. It was the first time I have ever seen him show affection to an inanimate object and I awed in adoration at the sight. He loves Loves LOVES his big boy baths and plays in the water every night before bed. My sister babysat Sunday night while Mike and I went to a Christmas show in Coronado Island with some family and she said that Kanan did not want to get out of the tub. She had to empty and refill it 3 times because the water turned cold. He played for an hour until his hands were so 8-months-week-3-and-4-011.jpgshriveled, she made him get out regardless of his cries.

Kanan is also getting very good and chewing his finger foods. He smacks his gums together so proudly. He is eating pieces of shredded chicken, ground beef, pasta, cheese, raisins (cut in thirds), canned fruit, cheerios, and deli meat. He has recently decided he no longer likes peas and will spit them out at the first bite. He loves food so much now, I have to make sure and prepare him a snack if I plan on having one, because if he can’t have a bite of what I’m having or if he is not eating when I’m eating, he flips! So I have to either prepare a snack that Kanan can try from my plate, or make him something also.

While we have yet to take him in for his 9-month-checkup, on our scale he weighs 21 1/2 lbs (as of a week ago), which seems to follow his typical pattern of one pound a month.

Mike and I fall deeper in love with him every day. He is such a joy to have and we are so grateful to be blessed by his playful spirit and his innocent glee for life. Watching him awe over simple things like light bulbs and carpet fuzzies has given us a new perspective on the little things we used to take for granted everyday. I recommend that everyone (if mentally and emotionally capable and financially ready of course) experience parenthood. It is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life. Life has developed a vigorous purpose that I have never once felt before. It is very fulfilling.

Click HEREfor pics. Videos for the last couple of months are still in process of uploading to the internet. Ever since I got this new camera, I’ve had problems uploading my vids to Picasa. I think the quality is too high and so it is a bigger file and therefore, too big for Picasa to handle. I may have to upload my videos to photobucket and try it that way.


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