Kanan is 7 Months Old!

kanan-and-mike.jpgKanan is on the move! The little boy is a crawling machine now and is picking up the pace everyday a little bit more. Watch the video of the first crawling steps he took last week Here!

In the meantime, he weighs 19 pounds and is 28 inches long. He has stopped nursing and is full time on formula now. I tried holding on to our first morning nursing session, but he told me he was ready to stop last weekend when he stopped after just a minute of nursing and reached out for the bottle sitting on the table. He is also eating solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in addition to the 32 ounces of formula he drinks.

He loves his Daddy and just giggles and laughs anytime they are together. He also has fallen in love with his reflection in the mirror and laughs and smiles and touches it and tries to taste it. He loves to chase balls around the house and to suck on his feet. Of course now that he is crawling, the tops of his feet and toes are dirty, which looks really funny and I’m sure tastes funny too. He has stopped needing the late night 1030pm feeding I have been giving him before I go to bed and now sleeps from 730pm to when I wake him up in the morning before I go to work. Yesterday, Mike begged me to let the baby sleep and he would feed him because he desperately wanted to catch up on rest as he hasn’t been feeling very well. Well the little booger slept until 9 am!

He continues to babble and has progressed to much more difficult phonemes including “g” and “k.” He loves to say “lalalalala” when he is happy and when he is mad, he screams out “nanananananana.” Could he be trying to say “no?”

The next milestones to come are still in processessing. He continues to teeth, but nothing has cut through his gums. He is trying to grab small objects with his pincer grasp but hasn’t figured out the coordination to succeed at that yet. And he is attempting to stand from crawling position but can’t get passed “downward dog” position (any yoga people out there know what I’m talking about.)Check out the pictures from this month HERE


One thought on “Kanan is 7 Months Old!

  1. Theresa,
    Hopefully we’ll be able to get our two little guys together one of these days. Reed can’t go anywhere for awhile because of his lung condition, but we’d love to see you once we’ve got the okay for being out and about.


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