I’m Popping the Cork out of the Champaigne Right Now!

I just recieved a letter in the mail from the district office. The Board of Education has approved my change in status from probationary to TENURED! To all those teachers out there, you understand why I am so jazzed. This means that my job is secure within the district. I don’t have to sign any more contracts or worry about whether or not I will have a job the year afterward. Now, every year, it is expected that I will remain teaching within the district. At this point I have proven that I am a “tenured” teacher and the district wants me for good. Finally financial stability and security in knowing that no matter what happens with the ups and downs of real estate in Mike’s job, our little family will always have my income to depend on and ride us through the tough times. I’m so happy!


3 thoughts on “I’m Popping the Cork out of the Champaigne Right Now!

  1. congratulations! Just another 2 hire years for me and I will be right there with you… even though I’m in my 4th year I had to wait on my credential- which means I won’t get a letter like yours until the fall of 2009. Bummer for me!

    Cousin Tamara


  2. Congratulations!

    You can now “officially” follow the teacher’s track to second class citizenship of 10 or 12 hour days and low pay! 🙂

    Done that, been there!



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