Back to School=Back to Work

eld-2-2005-2006.jpgSummer is ending and kids are roaming in the stationary aisles looking for the perfect pen and clean white paper to start the new school year off. This is the signal that seemed so far away just a few months ago but instead has plumeted into existance very suddenly. It is time for me to take off the lounge clothes and the  full-time mommy hat and trade it in for pencil skirts and collared blouses (except for Fridays like the picture here) because it is time to go back to work. It is a reality with a bittersweet aroma, but its flavor will become clearer once I am experiencing being a working mom.

I am in many ways excited about getting back into the classroom. I love teaching and it will give me a sense of myself again, but what makes this transition bitter for me is that I will no longer be spending my whole day with my precious son. I think I’m going to cry everyday the first month until I get used to not seeing him all day. But I’ve worked out a plan to try and maximize the amount of time I can spend with him. Contrary to belief, a teacher’s work life is not 8-3 at all. Sure we teach customarily within that time frame, but all the work planning, grading, and filling out state-mandated forms comes at different hours. The hours teacher’s like to call the “3-6.” This is the part teacher’s don’t like.  And its the part that could really affect whether or not I see my son much before he goes to bed. So here is my planned schedule to make the most of things. Where I will fit eating dinner and taking a shower, I’ll have to figure out later, but hopefully it will work.

530 am–wakeup, dress, makeup, coffee, breakfast

630 am–wake up Kanan and feed, diaper, dress, and kiss him goodbye (Mike will take over from here)

700 am–leave for work

710 am–last minute preparations in classroom

740 am-240 pm– teach with one free class to prepare a bit more and pump and a 30-minute lunch break in which Mike says he will come by a couple times a week and bring Kanan. 🙂

240-315 pm–fast cleanup and prepare for next day

330-730 pm–Mommy/Kanan time!!!! Although he will probably be napping until 430 😦  But I suppose I can use that time to pump again, shower, or wind down and have a snack or clean up the house a bit. But when Kanan wakes up, its all about walks and cuddling, baths, baby massage and more cuddling and then a good nursing session and a kiss to bed. Sorry Dad, you had him during the day so can you please make dinner instead?

730-930 pm–NO MORE MOVIES OR TELEVISION—Tuesdays and Thursdays work on lesson planning for the week ahead, grading, and mundane paperwork. As an extra positive, according to research this is a primetime for brain power along with 9am-11am. Mondays and Wednesdays go to the gym. Fridays? I think I deserve to veg out on the couch for once!

1000/1030 pm–Bed 

Well wish me luck and pray that Kanan still remembers me and holds the same bond with me when all of this comes into play. Luckily I will still have the weekends with him. And I am so happy that he atleast has his Dad for a few hours in the day and doesn’t have to spend 8 hours at daycare like so many children. Maybe one day in the next couple of years I can switch to part-time or take a couple of years off to take care of him until he starts school. But unless Mike gets hired with a fire department and does well with real estate, that will remain a pipe dream.


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